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145. Fowl and Pretty Poll.[1]

Mary Jane Roden, Brownstown, St. Ann.

Fowl invite Pretty Poll to chapel, den Pretty Poll said to Fowl, "Kyan't go to chapel for me soso fedder." Poll said to Kyan-crow, "Make go to chapel." Kyan-crow said to Pretty Poll him kyan't to go chapel for him peel-head young man.

Come we go to church, Pret-ty Poll.
Come we go to church, Pret-ty Poll.
Pret-ty Poll, wan' get mar-ried
Same time as a so so fed-der.
John Crow say he be de bride, same time he, peel-head young man.

[1. Jamaica negroes speak of the groom at a wedding as "the bride."]

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