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136. White Belly and Anansi.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

White Belly plant some peas. Hanansi come a White Belly yard and say, "Brer White Belly, dem peas not fat an' you know what you do? if you want 'em to be fat, mek up little fire at de root." Tomorrow morning when White Belly were come, every peas dead!

White Belly is a carpenter. He mek a box. He mek bargain wid de mudder; he say, "Ma, I gwine put you in dis 'ere box,

{p. 165}

put some money in de box; den I will holla out "Me mudder died!" White Belly put de ban' 'pon de head, say, "Me mamma dead o-o-o!" Hanansi run come. White Belly say, "Ma, what you have to give me? Let good an' bad see!" De box turn up an' t'row out all de money. Hanansi go back home an' say, "Ma, I wan' a little water to wash me foot." Mother carried the water come. He dip him feet in dere, say, "Good Lord, ol' lady, you give cramp me!" Tek de mortar stick, lick 'im in de head. An' cobb'e one box an' put his mudder in an' call out, "Me mudder dead!" White belly come. Hanansi said, "Ma, what you have to give me? Give me back good an' bad see!" De box raise up an' 'tamp him down flat. So Hanansi kill him ma, an' White Belly mudder save.

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