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134. The Pannier-jar.

Vassel Edwards, Retirement, Cock-pit country.

There was a man at slave time had a wife, and the wife kept two other men. The husband of that wife was working out. One night, one came first and then the house-master came home. And they had a big jar called a pannier-jar, and the wife took the man and put him into the pannier-jar. Afterward the other man came

{p. 164}

in, and when he saw the house-master was frightened and he told the house-master he had come to borrow the pannier-jar. The house-master told him he could take it, and the woman helped him tip with the pannier-jar. And when he got part of the way, he said, "Poor me bwoy! if it wasn't for this pannier-jar, I would be dead tonight!" The other man in the pannier-jar said, "Brar, same meself!" And he got frightened and heaved down the pannier-jar, mashed it up and killed the man in there.

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