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129. The Donkey, the Cat and the Lion's Head.

Joseph Macfarlane, Moneague, St. Ann.

One day a donkey an' a cat was out trab'ling an' when dey went half way, dey saw some lion head, an' de cat pick i' up, put i' in de donkey hamper. An' when dey went round de corner, dey saw two lions working on de road, an' dey lef' de hamper roun' de corner wid de lion head. De lions said, "We are jus' having breakfas'!" De Donkey an de Cat said, "We have plenty!" Donkey said, "Brer Puss, you go tek up de lions' heads fe see which one we eat to-day." Puss went, took up de head an' said, "Dis one?" Donkey said, "De odder one." An' said, "Dis one?" Donkey said, "De odder one," till dey count about twenty (when it was only one). De lions whisper to each odder, say, "Dey kill so many lion one day, what you t'ink of we couple?" An' dey eat an' went home.

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