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122. The Three Pieces of Advice.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

Der is a man; he married; he got t'ree chil'ren, he became poor. He said to his wife, "I goin' to look somet'ing to do." She said, "Yes, me dear husban'." He went an' walk one hundred mile. When he got to a pen de master said, "You little too late; I jus' got a butcher dis mo'ning." He walk anodder one hundred mile an' when he go he succeed a butcher. He was doin' his work one year, never drew no money--one hundred pound a year. When de year was up, de missis said to him, "Out of you money an' t'ree advice, which one you rather?" He said, "I rather

{p. 156}

de t'ree advice." She give him one revolver an' give him a loaf of bread an' give him some money to serve him on de way; was not to touch de bread till him get home. De t'ree advice--"Not to forsake de bridge which you cross; not to interfere in politics; you mustn't in haste in temper." An' him tek his journey.

When he was going, he went to tek anodder road; he remember de first advice, mustn't forsake de bridge which he cross. He go on a little furder. He saw some people beatin' one dead man; he went to call to dem, but he remember de second advice. He pass. When he go on till he saw his home, he saw his wife an' his chil'ren an' a man walkin' side on side. He took de revolver to shoot de man, he remember de t'ird advice; de missis said, "You mus' not haste in temper," an' he put it by. When he went on a little furder, it was his wife bredder hear dat de husband was not at home, so come to look for his sister.

When dey goin' in de house he began to tell how many mile he went, an' he say to his wife, "De missis gave me t'ree advice, out of me money which of dem I rather; I said I rather de t'ree advice, and she give me dis loaf of bread; not to cut it till I reach home, but she give me my pocket-money." De wife said, "What about de t'ree advice an' lef' yo' money." De husband said, "I can't help it." De chil'ren cry out, "Papa, cut de bread! papa, cut de bread!" Tek de knife, an' after him cut de bread, de one hundred pound scatter out upon de table.

So de free advice, if he turn a different road he never will see home. De second advice, doze people was beating de dead man, if him was to call to 'em, dem people would destroy him. An' de t'ird advice, he would shoot his own bredder-in-law.

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