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 [108. Big Begum and Little Begum.]


108. Big Begum and Little Begum.

See note to number 106. The story is a version of Hans Anderson's Big Claus and Little Claus, Grimm 61; Bolte u. Polívka 2:1-18 and contains three episodes. (1) "Little Begum" tricks "Big Begum" into killing his oxen to get gold. (2) and (3) He exchanges places in the bag, gets a drove of sheep, and tricks "Big Begum" into getting himself drowned in the same bag, as in number 107.

(1) Episode F in Bolte u. Polívka's analysis. This informant's stories were not well motivated; the version does not explain how "Little Begum" sold the pretended magic hide. In Arcin, 475-476, Zeltner, 62-72, and Parsons, Andros Island, 86, the episode is accompanied by the trick of the life-giving staff (G' and see number 106); in Edwards, 95-96, by the trick of the dead mother pretended slain (G" and see number 135).

(2) and (3) In Fortier, 88-89, as in this version, (1) is accompanied by the bag trick, episodes H and J in Bolte u. Polívka's analysis. See also number 23.

Compare the "Pedro Ordimales" cycle in Recinos, JAFL 31:474-477.

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