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104. Bird and Hunter.

Elizabeth Hilton, Harmony Hall, Cock-pit country.

The king have two son. The first one went out to hunt. He see a pretty little bird! An ol' man said to him, "Say, massa, you better not follow dat bird!" He see the bird a pretty golden bird and he still follow the bird. Then him go to a place where he didn't see anybody at all but an old hut, an' he gwine in an' see a big fire. Come off an' hitch up him horse an' warming by the fire an' was hungry an' see a sow an' t'ree pig, an' he shoot them an' was roasting them by the fire an' see an' ol' woman come up. 'he say, "Beg you little fire, massa." An' say, "Come an' take it." An' say, "Hol' yo' dog fe I 'fraid of it." An' the ol' woman pop one of her hair an' give it to the gentleman to tie the dog. She pop another an' give it to him to tie the horse. Said, "I beg you a piece of the meat now, massa." An' give him the four tripe. She said, "That is not enough!" She jump on the gentleman and begin to beat him. The gentleman said, "Dog, dog, help me!" Dog said, "I would help you, but I am already chained!" He said Horse, horse, help me!" Horse said, "Master, I would help you but I am ready chained!" An' him killed him.

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The next day, the other brother didn't see him come home and went to look for him. He travel and when he get to the ol' woman house, he. see the same little bird was singing. He said, "What a beauty! I'd like to catch that bird!" The ol' man said to him, Massa, don' go off wid dat bird! About t'ree days ago a noble gentleman pass here an' never return, an' dat's where all de kings' an' nobles' sons los' der way." The gentleman said, "I'll just fin' out how my brother go." And went to the same place an' see the same ol' hut, an went in an' see a big fire. An' he went in an' was warming a' fire an' see a sow an' t'ree pig an' kill the sow an' the three pig. An' see the ol' woman come out; 'Massa, beg a little fire." An' say, "Come an' take it!" An' say, "Chain yo' horse an' yo' dog," an' pop off two more hair an' give it to him; an' the gentleman t'row the hair into the fire an' hear them pop. The ol' woman go into the bush and pop two green withes an' tie the horse an' the dog an' begin to fight the gentleman. The gentleman call to the dog, "Dog, dog, help me!" an' the dog pop the withe an' begin to bite the ol' woman. He say, "Horse, horse, help me!" The horse began to trample her. When she fin' out that they were going to kill her she say, "Massa, don' kill me, I will show you something! Raise up all those black stone that you have seen here and you will find all the kings' son and all the nice lady an' beautiful princess that I have enchanted and turned into stone. An' you will find your brother, horse an' dog." An' the gentleman kill her an' raise up all the stone and fin' his brother and all the ladies and gentleman.

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