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 [101. Bull-of all-the-Land.]


101. Bull-of-all-the-land.

Old Forbes gave me the only version of this story I heard in Jamaica. In Trowbridge, JAFL 9:284-285, the song and the incident of the three drops of blood occur, but the king is "King Tonga" and there is no beast transformation. The husband is lost

[1. See supplementary note, p. 290.]

{p. 281}

by letting a little dog kiss him, as in number 105 and in Parsons, Andros Island, 55, 59, not by his wife's burning the skin as in this version.

For the song at night as a means of recognition see number 74.

See Grimm 88, The Singing Soaring Lark; Bolte u. Polívka 2:229-273.

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