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98. The Boy fools Anansi.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

One boy went to Hanansi yard, an' Hanansi an' he mudder made up to kill de boy. Me'while, de boy hear what dem say. Hanansi went away fe one of his country-men help him to kill de boy. As Hanansi gone, de boy kill Hanansi mamma, tek off de coat an' de sucker, put it on an' cook up de ol' lady. When Hanansi come, de ol' lady gi' dem deh dinner. An' he say, "Ma,

{p. 127}

wha yo' got stren't te kill a big big boy?" De boy said, "Yes, me pickney."--"Ma, a wan' water." De ol' lady gi' him de water. An' said, "Lawd, dis fellah fat!" De boy tek time an' tek off de coat an' de sucker, t'row it down an' run, went away. Hanansi tumbled down,--"Lawd! a me mamma been nyam!" An' run after de boy but couldn't catch him. So it's only de boy ever fool Hanansi!

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