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94. The King's Three Daughters.

Vincent Morrison, Mandeville.

Once a king had three daughters and the king die and some young fellows go up to the fence, but as they come they run them. The fellows meet Brar Nansi one day and they said to Anansi, "I bet you never go to that house!" Mr. Anansi said, "I bet you I go up there!"

Anansi went an' got some horse-mane and get a cotton-tree spar an' dig out a fiddle. An' he come out de road de evening, an' he start to play de fiddle say,

"Tom body tom ting,
Tweety tweety tweety tweety tweety twee
 linga loo
Nobody never go deh yet,
Linga linga ling
Anansi go deh t'-night
A go linga linga ling."

The ladies call out and ask who is it playing that sweet music. Anansi say, "It's me, missus!" And the ladies ask who, He says, "Me, Mr. Anansi, missus." The ladies carry him up to the house and he play for two hours and come away. So the fellows who did bet him, he win them.

Jack man dora!

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