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70. Jack and Harry.

William Forbes, Dry River, Cock-pit country.

Jack an' Harry, de two was gwine out for a walk. An' de mo'ning was cool, an' catch to an ol' man dah in watch-house. Harry said, "Ol' Massa, beg you a little coffee if you have any." An' he said, "Yes, me pickney!" an' him give Jack a cup o' coffee

{p. 80}

an' Harry a cup o' coffee. An' de ol' man didn't drink fe him coffee yet. Jack say, "Harry, I gwine drink fe de ol' man coffee.", Harry said, "No, Jack, don' do it!" An' Jack tek 'way fe de ol' man coffee an' drink it. An' de ol' man tek him 'tick after dem, dem run.

An' when dem run, see a hen wid some chicken. Harry said, "Do, me good hen, cover me wid you wing." An' cover dem wid her wing de same as her own chicken. An' de ol' man was coming after dem didn't see dem, tu'n back. An' Jack say, "I gwine to pop de hen wing." An' Harry say no, an' Jack say mus' pop it. An' de hen begin to flutter after dem an' Jack an' Harry run an' de hen was after dem.

An' see a poor lady 'tan' up in de way. An' Harry said, "Do, lady, tek you coat an' cover we up!" An' after she cover dem up, Jack had a stick an' say, 'I gwine to choke de ol' lady." An' Harry say, "Don' do it!" An' as he choke de ol' lady, ol' lady shake dem out an' run after dem.

An' when dey run, dey see a kyan-crow[1] in de way an' Harry said, "Do, me good kyan-crow, tek we up on you wing, carry we away from dis ol' lady!" An' de kyan-crow tek up Jack an' Harry an' fly up wid dem right up in de sky, an' de ol' lady couldn't catch after dem. An' Jack say, "I gwine to pop de kyan-crow wing mek him drop." Harry said, "No, Jack, don' do it!" An' as 'em drop, 'em knock 'emself out of senses.

An' when dey come to demselves, see a land turtle was coming. An' Harry call to de land turtle, an' as he shove out his head. Jack cut off de head.

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