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59. Rabbit Stories.

a. The Tar Baby.

Rennie Macfarlane, Mandeville,

When Brer Fox tried to catch Brer Rabbit, he could not catch him. He stick up a tar-pole in his common, an' when Brer Rabbit come an' see it', say, "Come out of Brer Fox place or I kick you!" An' the tar-pole wouldn't come out, An' kick him an' his foot fasten. "Let go foot, else I kick you with the other one!" An' he won't let it go, an' kick it with the other one an' the other foot fasten. An' he box him an' his han' fasten. An' say, "Let go me, else I box you!" an' he box him with the other han' an' his han' fasten. An' he said, "Let it go, else I buck you!" An' he buck him an' head fasten. An' said, "Let me go, else I bite you!" an' when he bite him, mouth fasten an' he couldn't move or talk.

An' Brer Fox said, "Think I couldn't catch you!" An' Brer Fox said, "Out of burn you an' drown you an' hang you an' dash you over de bramble, which one you rather?" He said, "Do anything you like but don' dash me over dat bramble!" An' Brer Fox take him an' dash him over the bramble, an' he said, "Oh, what a fool!"

b. Saying Grace.

Rennie Macfarlane, Mandeville.

Brer Fox catch Brer Rabbit again. So he gwine kill him, an' Brer Rabbit said, "Do, Brer Fox, as you gwine kill me, have prayers. An' he said, "Clasp you hands an' say what I say: 'O God, bless an' blind us!'" but Brer Fox thought he say "Bless an' help us," an' he say it. An' Rabbit run away an' they never see him.

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c. Pretending Dead.

Rennie Macfarlane, Mandeville.

When Brer Fox want to get Brer Rabbit again, he an' Bear make up to catch him. Brer Bear go to Brer Rabbit yard an' tell him that Brer Fox dead an' he mus' help him bury him, for he an' Brer Fox friends. When he go to Brer Fox yard, be see Brer Fox lying down. Brer Rabbit put on his bonpon[1] hat an' coatie an' spectacle an' sit up in a rocking-chair an' say, "I never see it so! What a style! what a funniness! I think that when folks fall down die, they always cock up their foot in the air an' make 'pooh!'" An' Brer Fox cock up his foot in the air an' say, "Pooh!" an' Brer Rabbit go away an' say, "A man like you never dead yet!"

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