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55. Why Mice are no Bigger.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

Deh is, a man de name of Robin Mice-rat gwine to his uncle house. Him an' de uncle stay dere in dark de whole time. When

[1. A local place-name.]

{p. 60}

him gwine away, he tell de uncle good-by an' tak a stick an' he lick 'e uncle. At dis time he went to our Saviour an' said he want to turn big man, so de Savior tell him say if he wan' to turn big man he mus' go an' kill his oldest uncle. So, as he never died, he went back de nex' night. So him an' his uncle talking an' his uncle said to him, "Dat fellow Robin come here las' night; when him gwine away, tak a stick an' lick me in de head. But, me pickney, if a heah (pointing to the temple) him ketch me, de fellow would a got me." So as de uncle show him de place, as him get up, meet his uncle at de said place, kill him 'tiff dead.

Nex' day he went to his Savior fe let him turn big man. De Savior said to him, "You little bit of man go kill you' oldest uncle, den if me let you turn bigger you will do worse!" So from dat day das de reason let you see mice don't bigger to dis day.

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