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46. Why Tumble-bug Rolls in the Dung.

William Forbes, Dry River, Cock-pit country.

Deh was Mr. Anansi and Tumble-bug. Deh was a young lady, was de king daughter. Her fader said who come wid a jar of money will get dat young lady to marry. Tumble-bug get a jar of money. Anansi get a jar an' couldn't get no money to put in it, get some cow dung an' some horse dung fill up de jar. And after dem was going up to de young lady, dem ketch to a shop. And de two jar favor one anodder. An' Anansi said, "Brar Tumble-bug, let we go in de shop go get a drink." An' Anansi said, "Mus' buy a bread come," an' as he come out, him tak up Tumble-bug jar and let' fe him jar. An' Tumble-bug tak up Anansi jar. And when dem go up to de young lady in de king yard, Anansi said, "Massa, mus' bring a clean sheet go t'row out money out of jar!" An' he t'row out money--wa-a-a-a-a! An' as Tumble-bug t'row, him t'row out horse-dung an' cow-dung.

Anansi said, "Tak it up, tak it up, tak it up, you nasty fellow, carry out de missis yard!" Dat is why you see Tumble-bug roll in filth to-day to-day.[1]

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