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24. The Duckano tree.

William Forbes, Dry River, Cock-pit country.

Deh was Anansi.--Tacoomah was Anansi son. Den was a hard time. Anansi had a Duckano tree had some Duckano on it. An' he had t'ree pickney; when he go out a night, eat him belly full, come back carry 'em a bag. Now when him wife mak a little dinner fe him, tell him no, he don' want it, gi' it to pickney dem. Tacoomah tell mama cut little hole in Anansi trab'ling bag an' t'row ashes in it. Fast as he go 'long, ashes drop straight to de Duckano tree. Den Tacoomah follow de ashes till him fin' out de Duckano tree. An' when him fetch to de Duckano tree, pick off all, lef' one; an' him tell de Duckano, "As Anansi come fe pick you, drop a dirt!" An' as de Duckano drop a dirt, Anansi say, "Yes, dat de bes' place I want you fe go!" Come down to pick him up, Duckano go back on tree. Anansi say, "Cho! dat de bes' place I pick you t'-day". Go back on tree, couldn't catch it. An' not a creature can pick de Duckano, but Tacoomah!

Den, as Anansi go up de Duckano tree, him see Dog a come. An' said, "Brar Dog, go pick up Duckano fe me!" an' as de Duckano drop, dog come pickee up; den, as Dog pick him up, Dog nyam de Duckano. Dog run 'round so, Anansi go after him so. Dog go into one deep hole, jus' two eye look out a deh. Little out de two eye, Anansi pass an' see him, draw him out of de hole an' 'queeze out de Duckano. Wha' mak de two sink place in Dog side, Anansi 'queeze out Duckano.

Jack man dora!

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