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 [4. Tiger's Sheep-skin Suit.]


4. Tiger's Sheep-skin Suit.

Parkes heard this story in St. Ann Parish. Wona, 62-67, tells how Anansi steals Monkey's clothes and passes the theft off on "Bone."

Compare: Tremearne, FL 21:352; Harris, Nights; 68-74; Parsons, Sea Islands, 145: JAFL 32:366.

The common theme of teaching to an unsuspecting comrade an incriminating song (as in Parsons, Sea Islands, 145) is here emphasized by a second intrigue, that of the sheep-skin suit. The idea seems related to the next number. In Wona, 30-36, Tacoomah puts on a sheep-skin and bides in the fold from which the sheep are being stolen, Anansi ties and accuses him because he wears the sheep-skin.

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