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Arámfè God of Thunder and Father of the Gods.
Orísha Creator of men. Son of Arámfè.
Odúwa or

King of men. Son of Arámfè.
Ógun God of Iron. Son of Odúwa.
Oráyan The warrior son of Ógun.
Ládi Smith of Ógun.
Obálufon A worker in brass.
Mórimi Wife of Obálufon.
Ífa The Messenger of the Gods, principally known by reason of divination.
Olókun Goddess of the Sea.
Olóssa Goddess of the Lagoons.
Óshun A Goddess who transformed and became the River Oshun.
Édi The Perverter. A God of Evil who led men astray.
p. 10
Éshu Now regarded as the Devil, but originally as the Undoer of the favours of the Gods.
Peregún ’Gbo A Forest God who caused the Forest to bring forth wild animals and watched over the birth of Orúnmila.
Orúnmila A God who watches over the birth of children.
Offun Kánran A messenger of Ífa.
Órní Odúm’la The ancestor of the Órnís of Ífè.
Ojúmu A priest.
Osányi A priest and maker of charms.

The Sun, Moon, Night, Day, Dawn and Evening were also Gods and Goddesses sent by Arámfè, who is often spoken of as God. But a higher and very distant Being is mentioned by some of the Priests.

Oíbo means White Man.

Okpéllè is a charm used in the divination of Ífa.

The final N is as in bon, and French pronunciation is nearly correct in all the above names.