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Dk. VIII, Chap. XIII, 10, probably refers to the passage that contained the statement thus quoted in Sls. X, 28:—'Even so it is revealed in the Kîtradâd that Spendarmad spoke to Mânûskîhar thus: "Even the swiftest horse requires the whip, the sharpest

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steel knife requires the whetstone, and the wisest man requires counsel."'


468:3 The short account of this Nask, in Dk. VIII, contains 396 Pahlavi words, which may be guessed to represent the same proportion of Pahlavi version as in Nasks VI, VIII, the accounts of which are also short. And, as this is a Legal Nask, it may be assumed that the proportion of Avesta text to Pahlavi version would be the same as in the other Legal Nasks, which is the proportion still extant in the Nîrangistân section of Nask XVII. Based upon these assumptions, the probable extent of the Kitradâd would be about 2,600 words of Avesta text and 23,400 of Pahlavi version.

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