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The names of the twenty-one Nasks, from the Yathâ-ahû-vairyô:—Yathâ, the Stûdkar; ahû the Varstah-mânthrah; vairyô, the Bagh; athâ, the Dâmdâd; ratus, the Nâdûr; ashâd, the Pâzûn; kîd, the Ratustâyîd; hakâ, the Baris; vangheus, the Kassrôb; dazdâ, the Vistâspâd; mananghô, the Dâd; shyaothananãm, the Kîdrast; angheus, the Spentah; mazdâi, the Bayân-yast; khshathremkâ, the Niyâdâm; ahurâi, the Duvâsarôgîd; â, the Hûspârâm; yim, the Sakadâm; drigubyô, the Gud-dêv-dad 4; dadad, the Hâdokht of the Dvâzdah-hâmâspah; vâstârem, the Yas5.


418:2 These extracts from the Persian Rivâyats are taken from MS. 29 belonging to the Bombay University Library, which is a copy, made A.D. 1679, from a long Rivâyat said to have been compiled by Barzû Kâmdîn. The same extracts are to be found in many other MSS.

418:3 Bahman Pûngyah of Surat, a layman whose father's name. appears to have been Isfendyâr, returned from Persia A.D. 1627, with letters and MSS. from priests in Irân in reply to letters from priests in India.

418:4 The Vendîdâd.

418:5 The order in which the Nasks are here arranged is the same as that employed in Dk. VIII, Chap. I, 12, and was in general p. 419 use 600 years ago, as we find that Rûstâm Mitrô-âpân (the writer of the original from which Kr was copied A.D. 1324) considered the Vendîdâd as the nineteenth Nask, corresponding to the Avesta word drigubyô in the Ahunavair. In Olshausen and Mohl's Fragmens relatifs à la religion de Zoroastre, a similar list of the Nasks is extracted from Anquetil's Great Rivâyat, in which the order and orthography of the names of the Nasks are the same as those adopted by the later writers of the Persian Rivâyats, beginning with the Stôd-yast and ending with the Hâdokht (which makes the Vendîdâd the twentieth Nask), and reversing the order of the Kîdrast and Spentah, as well as that of the Duvâsarôgîd and Hûspârâm.

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