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dkar Nask.

1. The seventh fargard, Tâ-ve-urvâtâ 2, is about

p. 181

the exhibition to Zaratûst of the nature of the four periods in the millennium of Zaratûs1. 2. First, the golden, that in which Aûharmazd displayed the religion to Zaratûst. 3. Second, the silver, that in which Vistâsp 2 received the religion from Zaratûst. 4. Third, the steel, the period within which the organizer of righteousness, Âtûrd 3 son of Mâraspend, was born. 5. Fourth, the period mingled with iron is this, in which is much propagation of the authority of the apostate and other villains, as regards the destruction of the reign of religion, the weakening of every kind of goodness and virtue, and the disappearance of honour and wisdom from the countries of Irân. 6. In the same period is an account of the many perplexities and torments (zakhamî-hastanŏ) of the period for that desire of the life of the good which subsists in seemliness.

7. Perfect righteousness is excellence.


180:1 Reading gang-dânŏ; or it may be dûzagânŏ, 'seals,' though this is less likely, as a plural form is rarely used with a numeral.

180:2 The first three words of the fourth hâ of the first Gâtha (Yas. XXXI, 1), here written tâ-va-ratŏ in Pahlavi in both MSS.

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