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1. The Kaskîsrôbô 1 contains particulars about the explanation of the ceremonial and ritual of the sacred beings, through what arises its conversion into demon-worship, and information as to cleanness and uncleanness. 2. The preparations and precautions for the Yasts 2; the tokens and signs of the overflowing and evil owing to the demons at various times, and the cause of their exhaustion and the final victory of the sacred beings. 3. Then the exalting chants of every kind, which Aûharmazd taught to Zaratûst, are called the teaching (sâstô) of the spirits.

4. Excellence that is perfect is righteousness.


23:1 Corresponding to the ninth word, vangheus, in the Ahunavair, according to B. P. Riv.; but it is the tenth Nask in other Rivâyats. Kaskîsrôbô may perhaps mean 'with happy, or comfortable, statements,' and is corrupted into Kassrôb, Kaskasîrah, or Kaskanîz, in the Rivâyats, which also state that it contained originally sixty kardah, or subdivisions, of which only fifteen were recovered after the time of Alexander.

23:2 The minor ceremonies.

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