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Spiritual Diary


HOW MUCH THE SCIENCE [KNOWLEDGE] AND INTELLIGENCE OF SPIRITS EXCEEDS THAT OF MEN. They who come into the other life, sometimes wonder that they are not gifted with intelligence above the human race, as they conceived; but they do not perceive in what intelligence they are, because, therein, neither do angels; for whoever is in a faculty does not know how much it exceeds that of others, except by reflection upon others. It was therefore shown to some of this character, how much they excel in intelligence, by this, that when I wrote concerning thought, the eustachian tube, and the like ((((it was shown how they understand these things during life; and it was granted me to know that they had not possessed any idea at all concerning these things, in the life and body, inasmuch as they were totally ignorant thereof; but in the other life, it is usual to have such ideas, so that they immediately know, although in the life of the body, they had not the slightest knowledge [thereof]. It is so in other things, also, for there is communicated to them, as far as capable of receiving all the intelligence)))) which belongs to others, and whomsoever is present. - 1748, September 26. Besides which, spirits plainly perceive the thoughts of man, and the thoughts which he has had from infancy: also his intentions, in order that they might completely know of all his things.


CONCERNING WORSHIP OF THE LORD, BY A SPIRIT OF MARS. It was shown me by communication, the nature of the worship of the Lord, by the inhabitants of Mars, which is so profound, and full of amazement [cum stupore] [overpowering to the senses] and at the same time, full of pleasantness [cum jucundo plena], that it cannot be described. It is wholly unknown to the spirits of our earth. - 1748, September 26.


CONCERNING THE OFFSPRING OF THE MOST ANCIENT CHURCH; OR ADAM AFTER THE FALL. ((((There were with me [some], above the head, not so high as they who [are] of the Most Ancient Church. These first inflowed quite mildly and imperceptibly [inconspicue]; but it was granted to know from perception, that they were interiorly evil, because they acted interiorly against love. Afterwards, it was insinuated into me that they were of the offspring of the Most Ancient Church, which was spurious, and of whom it is said, that the device of their heart was nothing but evil. It was afterwards also signified by respiration about the province of the genital members, where, as you may see before [stated] their love repaired, which was separated from true love, so that they loved [their] offspring most tenderly, as they also said. And when they acted with interior deceit in opposition to love, yet in such a manner, that had not the Lord granted me perception, I could by no means have perceived it; then when they harbored this in mind, the spirits fled cried out that they could not endure so cadaverous an odor; so that they have never perceived such [an odor], inasmuch as it would destroy [kill] [necaret] them, as they now allege.))))


(((Also the same [spirits], that is [seu] the offspring of the Most Ancient Church, supposed themselves to be so subtle, that no one would perceive them, and they said to me, that they supposed they could do good of themselves. Concerning this matter I spoke with them, also concerning the Lord, that they have expected him, besides other things. Whom also they could adore, but of themselves. That this might be shown them, a certain angel merely thought concerning these things; which thought was communicated to them, and represented by a blowing [aspiratum] of respiration, thus like as it were, a blast of wind, which also was felt. They said they could not endure it [and] wished to flee away; but, inasmuch as it ceased, they remained. - 1748, September 26.)))


(((((How they represented the Lord to themselves was shown: to wit, as it were, an old man, of a gray beard, that he was holy, and that from him they became holy, and similarly bearded. Hence, such a religion originated respecting beards, as is read concerning those whose beards were shorn off.)))))


THAT THE THOUGHTS AND SPEECH OP ANGELS, ALSO OF ANGELIC SPIRITS, FALL INTO PARABLES. When I wrote concerning those things which [are] in No. 1577, that the thoughts of angelic spirits and angels are like parables, certain spirits doubted, because the idea of a parable is not understood by them; wherefore, angels and angelic spirits tested the matter, whether their ideas fell into parables, and it was confirmed by them, that they do not fail other than into parables, for parables contain generals. - 1748, September 26.


It was further shown, that [their ideas] fall into representations of paradises, vineyards [and] feasts, entirely in accordance with the genius of the people; for it is otherwise with one than with another. Wherefore the Lord spoke nearly everything by parables, to [suit] the nature of those who are in the world; he likened heaven to feasts, because they placed heavenly joy in feasts; otherwise for others. - 1748, September 26.


CONTINUATION CONCERNING THE ADULTEROUS OR LATER OFFSPRING OF THE PERVERTED MOST ANCIENT CHURCH. ((((These dwell under the, earth, under a great rock midway in the deep, under the buttocks, and are there in their dire phantasies, hostile to the Lord, whom they treat in many most cruel modes; concerning which impious things it is not permitted to write. They are in the greatest depth [profundissimo] under the buttocks, and labor under their phantasies; and this is permitted and admitted to be heard. There is a tumult, inasmuch as it is heard; it is also felt in each buttock, being subject to slight motion [qui motitantur], as I now perceive)))).


Such are not permitted to ascend, but sometimes the rock is, as it were, attenuated; and thus also, are they heard thence, like as they were heard by me: according to the hardness of the intermediate rock, they can be heard, and operate into the superior sphere; for that rock is a representation, that so distant is their impious and persuasive sphere, from the spheres which are above: thus are they held back


(((((Certain of them, yea, many were admitted to operate on me in person, but the Lord disposed by means of intermediate spirits, that they should do me no injury. Then from that deep [place], they came in front, as it were, through the rock, and seemed to themselves to contrive a way towards the anterior [regions] through the caverns of the rock, and so [climb] upward, which was only a representation of the Lord disposing by means of mediate spirits that they should do no injury in the superior sphere.)))))


((((At length they appeared above to the left, and thence operated into me; also afterwards, were permitted to come next to me, even to my head, and then other spirits withdrew. At the right, above, were those who spoke with me;)))) they did not allow [admittentes] them to operate, and so long did good spirits talk with me, and these infused [their persuasions], till I was almost worn out with hearing good spirits speak; for from their infused persuasion, I seemed to myself to wish to speak with them.


((((The good spirits were continually saying that [these evil spirits] are allowed to operate into the right part of the head, not into the left, and from the right part of the head into the left side of the thorax; [but] by no means into the left of the head, [for if] so, they said that I would be destroyed [ruined]. This they were so long speaking, as was said, to [my] fatigue, and a sort of indignation, supposed if I spoke with them, no injury would result))).


((((Through [by] the right part of the head, and the left side of the thorax, is signified that they were permitted to operate by means of cupidities, by infusing evil and insane cupidities, and so acting, and thus thinking and speaking from cupidities, consequently from perception; but not the left of the head, which would be with their dreadful persuasion; for they are of such a character, as I was afterwards instructed, and a little by experience, as that they are in such persuasion, because almost their [whole] interior is hostile to the Lord; so that into whatever they say, they infuse a most strong persuasion, and thus drive away every good and true thing; just as when the digits of the foot or hand are concealed by cold and have no more feeling, but become, as it were, dead and bloodless.)))) (((In like manner, it is known, that such is their persuasion, and such were they, and still worse with all their cohorts against whom the Lord fought, and whom he overcame by his own strength; which, is never possible [dabile] without His Divine; thus also His Human Essence overcame them.)))


(((((When they began to operate in me, I fell asleep, and thus by means of cupidities, which I could not have resisted in wakefulness, they operated in me, and I had sound [graven] sleep, and am not now able to describe its nature, and wherein its soundness [heaviness] [gravitas] consisted; for their cupidities are of such a character as, cannot be described; only that at length))))), ((((they assayed to kill me by means of afflatus: then I perceived, in sleep, that they assayed to suffocate me, and then was perceived, as it were a dreadful incubus, merely, I think, from the general afflatus of [their] phantasies. It was so like an incubus on me, that I labored similarly. But yet from my laboring, which was the Lord, who thus operated to turn me around on the other side. I therefore awoke.))))


(((((When I awoke they seemed to flee away to their place above, and acted thence, but with no effect; at length, as I wished to drive them away from me, they seemed to be wrapped in a cloth [sheet] like those who [were wrapped in] the woolen cloth [sheet]. I thought it was they. Thus were they let down through a rock, slanting in a straight line, to some depth; it was a hard rock, inclining downwards, which lengthwise was straight; when [they were let down] to nearly half distance, then the bundle of cloth was unloosed and a multitude of small human bodies seemed to go forth; concerning whom it was said that these were the ones whom [the evil spirits] had carried off with themselves, [namely], all my acquaintances. They also infused so much of persuasion, as that by their most chilly and deadly persuasion, they could kill whomsoever they came across. But the little men [manikins] seemed to escape thence, thus were such as were wrapped by them in a linen cloth [sheet] and preserved, not [my] acquaintances, but others; so that I might know how they act, for when they appear to be wrapped [in a sheet], they involve others in their persuasions. But the involving is preservation that their persuasions may not operate more strongly than they can endure, and that hence they may become better.)))))


((((Afterwards they operated in that middle distance, or in that place, by means of dreadful phantasies, which it was not permitted to perceive and see so [well], for they were of the cruelest sort against the Lord, whom with dreadful cruelties they mangled, tore, and cut up. In such [things] consists their pleasantness, and thus their life; their tumult under the rock [consisted] in such things. For phantasies operate simultaneously with cupidities, and this is what Mark says concerning the temptations of the Lord in the desert: that he fought with wild beasts, and was set before them.))))


(((When they operated in that middle distance of the rock, then there was continually perceived a sound of boring, as if very many large augers [terebroe] were operating, and only the rough [rudis] sound of such things was heard. This sound not only flowed [effundebat se] forth to me, but to a considerable distance from me, on the right hand, where at that time were good spirits thus were removed to a considerable distance so that they might speak with me; thus was the constitution of the Grand Man changed, as it were, in the world of spirits.)))


Moreover there was a spirit at the right, who supposed all these things were real [vera], that the Lord was thus tormented by them, that all my acquaintances were carried away by them, and very many things [besides]; such was his persuasion. But yet he was not evil, inasmuch as such sound of despair, and such speech arose from a certain [sort of] afflatus of their dreadful persuasion, afar off. All these things occurred in wakefulness.


Meanwhile, I was also in a sweet sleep, so that I felt nothing; I do not know whether those things which were said concerning the spirit [occurred] before or after the sweet sleep.


When I awaked from the sweet sleep, I then saw human bodies floating [natantia], as it were, in the sea; also some crawling, dead, as it were, yet human: afterwards, also pendulous [and] inanimate. It was insinuated concerning these, that such thus perished before the flood, and became dead spirits; others said that they were dead, and so perished; others that they were thus for ages, and so vastated, [and that] when those things which were so dreadful, had perished, they would revive [come to life again] with remains, which would be tempered, in their case, by evils wherewith they could live, and dispositions would be formed by vastation through death of the worst phantasies, and worst cupidities; like as certain species of rainbows [occur] through representations. Hence it now insinuated that the rainbow was made a token that the human race should not perish, because they can revive, and their few remains so tempered with their nearest evils, and in the case of some, with also the evils next contiguous, that they might still live as spirits, thus the life of their phantasies and cupidities would perish and remain such; for nothing can perish save through such a death.


(((((Afterwards they were compelled to recede from the middle distance, through their darksome caverns under the rock, where they dwell and whence they act tumultuously, into the buttock, but now into the toes of my left foot.)))))


It should be observed that when in the middle distance of the oblique rock, there was granted them so much of the faculty of reason, as they can receive, and by successive degrees; but still they effected nothing; yet they persisted. - 1748, September 26, 27.


From these things it was granted me to conclude that immediately before the flood, nearly the whole interior man was destroyed, so that scarcely any human [principle] was left.


It should be well observed that it is not the force of argument, as it is called, which causes their persuasions of so deadly a nature, but it is their phantasies, whatever they may be, even if the absurdest; still are they in such a persuasion, as that they kill every living thing, that is, the good and true - just as if they should say, that this paper was black, [and] not white, and so forth.


HOW THE HUMAN RACE WAS AFTERWARDS INVERTED. From those things which were shown me, [it is apparent] that they acted solely into the right part of the head, that is, by means of cupidities, towards the left side of the breast, thus by means of phantasies [arising] from cupidities, consequently not with phantasies, apart from these [cupidities], thus not from principle and scientifics, which are of such a nature that they are in the greatest persuasion; thus they infuse at the same time dire persuasions and then destroy [mortificant] the ideas of man or spirits by expelling all the warmth of the good and true, just as cold destroys the members of man.


Then was it also granted to perceive that after the flood, man was, as it were, inverted, to wit, that cupidities, or dreadful pleasures in tormenting the Lord, and the things of faith, remained, and by degrees [passim] that hereditary [principle] was lessened in their posterity, and so succeeded scientific ideas, which were separated; so that man became entirely different, to wit, that the scientifics and intellectuals of faith, could be hidden, in [apud] man, though he should remain in his dire cupidities and act madly; thus thought was separated from the will which was left, as it were, to cupidities, so that there is no will; but the will of good and true is of the Lord, and scientific and intellectual faith is separated, or shut up separate,


otherwise than was the case with the antediluvians. For man is composed of mere scandals [offences], see [what is said] previously [concerning this]. This scandal [was] as it were, nearly continual with the antediluvians; amongst their posterity after the flood, it was made by the Lord, as it were, a separate [discrete] [principle], which never could have happened unless scandals [offences] should remain with man; wherefore the Lord also became a scandal [an offence] to them, as the Word here and there [mentiones]; therefore did he also suffer and was crucified, that scandals might remain; otherwise never could such continued scandal be rendered separate [discrete], and thus man be saved by the implanting [insertion] of scientifics and intellectuals, so that thus scandals should not appear. - 1748, September 26, 27.


(((((It should be observed, that before those antediluvian spirits came to me, that there was first seen by me, a beautiful infant dressed in a shining [white] [candida] garment, which signified the Most Ancient Church, as is now insinuated in me; then in the same open door-way was seen a boy in a youthful [viridi] garment; I do not know what it signifies, whether [or no it means] such [people] of the same time, that is, of the Most Ancient Church. Next were seen two maids in white, as respects the head, who signify the affections of such [members of the Most Ancient Church], since the youthful boy [puer] [signifies] scientifics and intellectuals; wherefore in those times, to wit, those of the Most Ancient Church, there were in part such rational ideas, that is, their scientific faith [was], as it were, youthful, yet like the boy; but the affections were like [those] of the maids, [who were] shining as to the head. Thus there was just the reverse from what is the case with us. With us, there are good scientifics, but evil affections.)))))


Also afterwards, the sphere was poisoned to some extent from their persuasions; how much there was, and the quality, was represented by the way in which disappeared a long blue thread, broken at intervals [interstitiate]. - 1748, September 26, 27.


CONCERNING DREAMS. ((((In order that I know how dreams inflow into those who sleep, I dreamed [dormivi, for somni avi, I think] things that I do not remember; at last, that a ship came with all manner of delicacies for eating and drinking, especially inside of the vessel, so as to be hidden from me, with two armed sentinels, together with him who was the captain of the ship: so that there were three, the captain of the ship and the two sentinels. The ship thus passed through into a chamber, so I awoke.


When I awoke I thought about the dream, and then began to speak with those who introduced dreams, who were above me, a little to the front. They spoke and said that they introduced everything, but I perceived that [my dream came] through them from angelic spirits, who were near that region where paradises appear, and that they showed me [those things]; they also showed me many things when awake, which they introduced into others, to wit, into spirits who slept, with whom I then spoke, and they acknowledged it. I then saw those things which they introduced, which were so delightful and varied, such inexpressible delights, and also men and infants so adorned that they can never be described; besides in the beginning a sort of unknown animalcule, which dispersed like black rays, they wonderfully spread around the left eye; besides other things which I do not remember. There pertained to the spirits inducing dreams, a certain loud [sonorous] sound, as if the song of certain at a distance, ended obscurely in a sound similar to so [loud] a sound. They also said that they could induce sleep whenever they pleased; which also as I believe they did effect.))))


(((((((It is insinuated that the men and posterity of the old Church, had similar most delightful dreams, and hence by insinuated perception, as was almost the case with me, [perceived] what they signified; hence their paradisiacal representations, and many things which were familiar in that time,))))))) (((((for not only did they see delightful [dreams], but also received perception, like as have I so many times, that I cannot enumerate the times, in order that they might know what these signified in general, wherefore, that Most Ancient Church was a representative of all things which they had seen; so that from objects of sight, they thought at once what was signified, because they perpetually saw such things with inmost delight.)))))


CONCERNING DREAMS. Moreover there was another, who in the life of the body, thought illy of me, as I apperceived, because he spoke thereof so that if it had been allowed he would have persecuted me to death; such was his purpose, and it was discovered that he would have killed me. He was also in a dream, and then was his dream represented to me, whereby was discovered how something had occurred, and how he had attempted connection with a virgin in a privy. Thus also may those things be manifestedly disclosed with all the circumstances, places and persons which [occurred] in the life of the body, [and] which they had done.


THE QUALITY OF THE JEWISH CHURCH. It was shown me by experience how Leah represented the Jewish Church, and Rachel the new [one], to wit: that the Jewish [Church] regarded the conjugial bond [debt], as of no moment, so that, as regards the debt, it was remitted; as was shown me by experience, and also by a spiritual idea. The conjugial debt was of such a nature, that so long as the venereal [principle] and its adjoined delights lasted, then there was a spouse or wife; but when these ceased, that the conjugial debt was remitted, so that they regarded it as nothing, and since it was remitted that adultery was of no moment; and thus that they could resort to whomsoever they regarded as, and desired to be, husband. Such [women] are also punished most grievously, one after another, by inexpressible manglings, in order that they may be brought back to the conjugial debt. I afterwards spoke with those above my head, and they immediately breathed in such things as were opposed to marriage, to wit: that many [women] ought to have one husband [man]; thus they hated the marriage of one wife; besides other things which I do not remember, and which it is not proper to mention. The same [women] also induced a weakness in the right eye. Hence it was given to know why Leah is described as weak in the eyes. - 1748, September 27.


THAT INTERIORS, INMOSTS, AND THE MORE SUPREME THINGS, ARE LIKE THE DARKNESS OF AN ABYSS; THEN CONCERNING THE KNOWLEDGES OF FAITH, APPEARANCES, AND FALLACIES. I spoke with spirits who ascended like an imperceptible cloud [nimbus] in front beside the old Jerusalem, thus on the left, who were said to be of the Ancient Church, or the posterity of Noah; whether they were, I do not yet know. They put several questions, and were answered; and they wished to make some inquiries as to the more arcane, yea most arcane things; but [when] I perceived that they desired to ask these questions, it was granted to tell them, that I may answer nothing to such [questions]. For if they merely wished to inquire and know concerning those things which pertain to interior or angelic spirits, these would appear to them like darkness, or an obscure and darksome [principle]; still more [would this be the case] if they wished to inquire concerning those things which pertain to angels more interior, which would appear to them as dark; what then [shall I say] of the most arcane things; whereby if they wished to view them from their natural light [lumine] they would be surely blinded; for what could they see in these things which were most dark to them; and he who desires it, would be surely blinded; wherefore I did not wish to reply to such things, because I cannot; I am only in corporeals and naturals; thus prepared so as to be able to serve those who are in such things.


I held further discourse concerning fallacies, saying, that there are fallacies, which they do not consider to be fallacies; then that there are very many and innumerable things which appear to be so, when they are not so; for instance, paradisiacal [scenes] and the like. Wherefore they inquired whether or no [these] were fallacies; it was then granted to reply that [those things] are fallacies, which are not true, or which are vessels to which truths cannot be applied; but that such things as belong to angelic spirits and angels, are not fallacies, but are appearances, and that they are, as it were, vessels, to which may be applied the knowledges of faith. Wherefore was told what [are] the knowledges of faith, which [are] not appearances, to wit; that the knowledges of faith are, that the Lord rules the universe, that all good and true are from the Lord alone, that in [apud] us, is nothing but evil, and the like. - 1748, September 27.


They afterwards descended into the place from under which they went, and spoke together; but what they said did not reach me; besides they could not thus speak with me; but still there was perceived by those in my cerebrum, a confused, or perturbed something, which was their sphere, because they are in such things; thus [it was] a sort of sphere of persuasion against the truths of faith, which so affected my cerebrum with a sort of confusion. For it was granted to tell them, if they wished to speak concerning the like, which are in the greatest obscurity, they then could have filled the greatest library with volumes, as was granted to represent to them, and yet the sum of all would still be, what they call knowledge of faith, or what has been now said here previously. - 1748, September 27.


I spoke with them concerning persuasion, which is of such a nature, that when man is persuaded that evil is good, [and] false is true, then when he hears others, he can hear attentively, and then seem to himself to be persuaded, from well-connected arguments, and eloquent speech, the affection of sound, yet, when it is finished, knows nothing that [the speaker] said: only he praises him for speaking well: like those who assemble in congregations, and praise the lecture, and so for many years; but still, as they are in the persuasion of the evil and false, their life is not at all reformed, nor do they know at all what things are spoken. - 1748, September 27.


CONCERNING THE BRIGHTNESS [candore] OF INNOCENCE. ((((There were seen by me, infants and mothers in a lucid space, of such brightness, that [anything] brighter [is] never [seen]. The brightness was of innocence, thus represented in this sphere; which brightness is so distinguished from white [alba] that there is no comparison. Snow approaches its appearance; but still it is such a brightness as cannot be described.))))


CONCERNING THE PRE-ADAMITES. I was shown of what quality were the pre-Adamites who were regenerated by the Lord and called Adam. A certain one spoke with me in such speech as characterizes their life; not a rapid and distinct speech, as is customary, but one whose words had in them a little of life, so that it can be heard I heard him speaking when I awaked in the night; he was placed to guard me, and said that the evil wished to carry me off. I heard that he was such a guard, and was not evil, but had a little of life remaining, so that he was an external man, but still, internals were within his externals; there was [though] [but] a little of his internals [left]; so that he has not become such an external man as those of our day, in whom externals are separated from internals. But, in this case, internals, were within, though [but] little. This was now manifested to me; and now I can thus know thence, and also from his speech, that a little of [his] interior life remained; such it is insinuated, or said, were the pre-Adamites; so that [they are] not evil. It was also further insinuated and perceived that they then bore reference to the hair of the genital members. Whether, he was a pre-Adamite cannot be known, because the pre-Adamites [lived] so many ages before, and at this day there are very many of such a character; otherwise there would be no correspondences to have reference to that hair.


After that he was tempered; for evil spirits who [are] on the same level with such began to torment him, to wit, by twisting him, in their manner [igenom gnuggande], so that his whole body was thus miserably twisted by folding back and forth [gnugges], not in so [very] rapid times, and not so rapid moments: and this with great pain; and I wondered that he, not being evil should yet undergo such punishment; but I perceived that evil spirits could not but have acted into his exteriors; for [his] interiors were perceived like [those] of others who were preserved; but when he was so twisted and tormented by the evil, that he might agree with them, he, being good, was still held by companies of good spirits and angels in that state, that he should not consent but resist; so that they could not compel him to be such, as they desired, through punishment; so that by degrees he was initiated into swifter gyres, thus into the first plane of gyration; so that he could also be with [his] externals amongst interior spirits, which is the first plane into which externals are reduced, so as to correspond with internals, which indeed occurs with torment; but still they are kept in that state that they do not feel torment, yea by the Lord, to wit that interiors are then of such a character that they seem to themselves to wish to resist and conquer evils, lest external enemies, who twist their bodies, may conquer: thus are they inaugurated by degrees; they are then also in a state of a certain sleep, so that thus they do not feel [pain.]


Another, also, of those who lived in my time, with whom I was acquainted in life, was left by his companions; he was at my back, as it were, dead; yet alive, which I perceived [sentiebam] from his animation, as if [he were] in a deep lethargy. He was afterwards similarly occupied by such spirits, so that he likewise was led [into gyres]: his gyres at first were gross; so that, if I mistake not, there were six gross gyres, distinguished by boundaries [limits]; but so gross that I could hardly have hoped that he could have been exercised in swifter gyres; he was similarly tormented, but not as to the whole body as the other, [but] chiefly; as was granted to perceive, about the gums; thus less about the body, which still was reduced to concord, as was afterwards granted to see. After some hours, principally [mainly] while I was asleep, he was introduced into such rapid gyres that when I awoke I wondered that within a few [aliquot] hours he could have been reduced into gyres, almost continuous: as I [thought] almost similar to the angelic [gyres]: I also observed interiorly: thus that other spirits wondered and complained that he should thus escape from them,


for it was perceived that he could, in this way, be in the companies of angelic spirits, when he could not have been otherwise. But this is only the first plane wherein they are thus inaugurated; for thoughts and cupidities still remain as before. But unless this plane be given, so that thus corporeals may be accommodated [adapted] to the next interiors, it is not granted by the Lord to be present with angelic [spirits] even as to thoughts and affections. That he could now also be taken from inferior spirits, as to the whole body, was also shown me by means of circumvolutions, and, at the same time, foldings of his small body, similar also to the human as regards color, which was shown to be thus capable of folding [plicabile], so that he could [might] not be injured by inferior spirits, therefore by the evil; inasmuch as it was perceived that they could not inflow, and induce any pain on his body, through phantasies, as is usual with those who are not yet so prepared that they can be taken away from such [inferior spirits].


He then spoke with me, and was in the same place as before, and wondered that he was now different, being ignorant that he has undergone such contortions; he only wondered that he [is] different; therefore says that he [has been] changed because [he is] now in the company of interior spirits; but still it was shown that he could be reduced to his former state. In that state of first inauguration into the angelic [principle] it was granted him, that when he praised the Lord with interior motion and gave thanks, it was also granted him to feel something of his motion, inasmuch as there is still a resistance from his desire of glory in life, which was of such a character as to nearly exceed the desires of all others. He was almost of such a character but still to a less extent, as were the Romans in their time, but the Romans were braver than he. But it was shown that the bravery of the Romans was mad. Thus he acquired this reformation, as it were, in sleep, he being ignorant [thereof]; and it is the first reformation.


CONCERNING THE SPHERE OF PERSUASION. It was again shown me that the sphere of persuasions diffused by those who [are] of the evil [ones] of the Ancient Church, was measured as to its disappearance by a perpendicular bundle of blue color.


In this sphere appeared they who were known to me, then in a higher place, as if within an enclosure [claustrum] or wide gallery, obscurely seen, and thence spoke with me as from afar - also with another tone. - 1748, September 28.


THAT INAUGURATION INTO THE FIRST PLANE, OR FIRST FACULTY, SO AS TO BE CAPABLE OF BEING PRESENT IN ANGELIC COMPANIES, IS FROM THE LORD ALONE. From what has been said of the pre-Adamites, it was apparent that the first inauguration is granted by the Lord alone, and even while the spirit is ignorant [thereof]; for when he is thus mangled [et gnuggad] by evil spirits, he was then in sleep and did not feel the torment, but rather loved [it], because the Lord acted through [his] interiors: so that he desired to overcome exterior evils: thus the preponderance was within, so he felt as it were nothing of exterior evil; besides which he was in a state of sleep, thus in insensibility, that thus he was ignorant of what they are ignorant, is also proved by this, that a few hours after being thus inaugurated he came to me and wondered that [he was] changed, so that he was ignorant how it happened; he was informed by me how [it was effected] and the nature of [the change]. Thus while man and spirit is ignorant, he is prepared and then reformed. - 1748, September 28.


HOW HEAVEN IS REPRESENTED. It was represented, when I spoke with spirits in the street, that angels have, as it were, the head in heaven, but the feet in the heaven of inferior angelic spirits: that thus similarly [these] have, as it were, the head in their heaven, but the feet in the world of inferior angelic spirits: that these also [have] the head in their world of spirits, but the feet in man; but they who flow [alluuent] recently from the earth appear to themselves, from fallacy, like men; but evil spirits, as is now insinuated, the inferior sort, have the head in the tail, and the feet upwards. - 1748, September 28.


THAT INAUGURATION INTO GYRES IS [INAUGURATION] INTO RESPIRATIONS. When the pre-Adamites, and [those who are] like the pre-Adamites, were inaugurated into swifter gyres, which I apperceived to be, as it were, at length continuous, though at first they were highly discrete, it was granted to perceive that such inaugurations are circumstanced like [those] into respiration: for when respiration is given in man, the senses and perceptions, also the actions, are alive, and when the interior respiration [is given, I perceived] that the interior senses and perceptions are alive, which was shown me by living experience; for I also was exercised in interior gyres which belonged to respiration: thus inauguration into respiration is only first, which being granted, the spirit is then introduced into interior perceptions and so forth; for, as was shown, ideas are moments and varieties of respirations, as is apparent from the operation of the will into the muscles, through the applications of the lungs, which [I have spoken] of previously. - 1748, September 28.


CONCERNING SPIRITS OF ANOTHER EARTH. -CONCERNING THE STUPENDOUS DEEDS OF A CERTAIN KIND OF SPIRITS WHO WERE UNKNOWN. There appeared to me a spirit, a little in front, above, in bed: who also appeared behind, above, for he could change his situation, and it was then shown from many things: yea, he changed the situation of nearly all in the sphere.

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