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Spiritual Diary


Hence may be known, how from the ideas of my memory, evil spirits, each according to his state and nature have taken the things, whatever in the composite idea was such as accorded with them [suited]. Some [took] remote, some, more remote things, which were far to the side of the idea; also from every object of thought, hearing, or sight, were brought [such things] thither [to them]. For it is thus with the ideas of memory, that very many things, and even dissimilars [aliena] may be successively associated; and ideas, like a field of many things, are compounded from objects of the senses and thought, thus are associated; they are, as it were, companionships of very many things, and in whatever manner the simpler ideas are consociated and associated, and whatever their quality, such is man, as regards that idea, and when men after the death of the body are amongst such spirits,


then every [spirit] according to his nature, takes away what belongs to his disposition; thus man is rended, suffers, is distressed, and undergoes many kinds of pain, anguish, torment, trouble; in a word, the evil spirits with me have taken out, from my composite ideas, the things which were far separated from the center of the idea, and this very many times, whereat I sometimes wondered greatly. Nevertheless, the case is similar as to what is taken away from objects; that unclean spirits saw what I did not see, and [directed] my eyes to filth, wherever it might be, near [my] feet, at [my] side, at a distance thence, and of which I could not have been but wholly ignorant, had not such [spirits] known, felt, and thus seen it. - 1748, August 18. The reason is, because they remove everything, so as not to see, and some abhor that which does not accord with their unclean pleasantnesses. Wherefore they reject to the sides whatever does not agree, so that to them [such] are not only shades, but darkness [caligo] and cold, [and] as it were, death.


I have also observed that in those things which appeared obscure to the eyes, so that I did not know what it was, [these spirits] could induce phantasies of similar things, [as] that they were loathsome intestines. Thus in each thing not seen by them, inasmuch as their phantasies inhere in such [filthy things], therefore [in things] which are obscure, [these spirits] make them out to be such [filthy things] before they are discriminated by the sight, when they are plainly seen. - 1748, August 16.


THAT THE INTUITION OF ENDS AND PERCEPTIVE AFFECTION DISTINGUISHES MAN FORM THE BRUTES. I spoke with spirits [to this effect] that ends in man are what lead him, and what man aims at, to obtain; also that the intuition of ends is what distinguishes man from the brutes. A brute animal is ignorant of ends, because his soul is of such a nature. But man ought to know ends and aspire to them, view them, and be affected by them. Since therefore the first and last end of man, is eternal life, and he is of such a nature that he can view ends, wherefore unless man views the true end, or his eternal state, and so the Lord, he is not a man. - 1748, August 17.


THE HELL OF THOSE WHO ACT FROM PREMEDITATED DECEIT, AND HAD PUT ON SUCH A NATURE. ((((There were also shown to me spirits who are accustomed to deceive men by subtle [acute] deceit, by putting on an agreeable [suavem] face and speech, and hiding within [their] poisonous deceits: thus desiring to captivate, destroy and slay men, and placing therein the pleasantness of their life. These were permitted to come into view [conspectum] and to contrive [nectere] their deceitful arts)))), which was done with such cunning [subdole], that the spirits of the interior world could not have known it: When these cause to actually affecting [these arts], suddenly the interior world was closed, as I could perceive [persentire] by the sudden silence.


So that while I was walking the street, the noisy crowds [uproar] suddenly were [was] not heard, which is a proof that thus the world of interior spirits is closed. This is called a sudden silence. ((((Then they were far from me towards the anterior [regions], and spoke with me; and I was told, by others, and it was insinuated that such were those who, with premeditation, contrive subtle deceits, and so deceive under a friendly countenance, thinking of nothing but the ruin of the neighbor.)))) It was also permitted them to see such things in me as were base [tetra], whatever I have thought that was impure and the like - which they collected and saw with considerable acuteness, [but] not anything that was good, inasmuch as they reject such, and do not receive it unless for the sake of deceiving under a friendly countenance.


((((As respects their hell, it is more terrible [atrocious] than the hell of others, and more terrible than the hell of those who kill from hatred [homicidarum ex odio], and of such as act without premeditated deceit. It is in front, near the boundaries [fines]. When they were cast thither, perhaps they have been there before, and were hence emitted, it was then said, that they live amongst serpents, and the more subtle their deceitful poisons, the mere poisonous and subtle the serpents, and the greater the number that surrounds and torments them, so that it inspires horror, merely to relate it. Such a hell awaits those of this character: into such [a principle] is their deceit burned. - 1748, August 19.))))


((((((Such [spirits] are not like those, who are deceitful by nature, and place prudence therein: for when these are present it is immediately known, as well from their wishing to speak [whisper] into the ear, and tacitly, as that their speech is of such a sound, so that it is forthwith perceived [if they are present]: also at the first sound of [their] speech their thought comes forth, which thought is plainly perceived in the other life. Such deceitful [spirits] do not meet with such a hell [as the one just described] but another. But it has been told concerning those who are such, that it cannot be perceived, but that they are friendly from the sound, or the speech, and yet conceal a mind to injure and destroy.))))))


Such can also deceive interior spirits.


THAT SPIRITS WHO REPRESENT ANOTHER PERSON CAN BE INDUCED [TO BELIEVE] (THAT THEY ARE THE SAME AS THOSE WHOM THEY REPRESENT) AND THAT A SPIRIT, EVEN [ONE] WHO HAS BEEN KNOWN TO [ANOTHER] SPIRIT CANNOT KNOW OTHER THAN THAT [THE OTHER SPIRIT] IS THE SAME [AS THE ONE HE REPRESENTS]. This was many times shown me, that spirits [who] spoke with me, did not know other than that they were the same, of whom I thought [cogitatum] nor did other spirits know otherwise: for instance [sicut] a certain one whom I knew in life was so similar to him (who yesterday and today spoke with me), in everything that was his, that as far as I knew, nothing [could be] more similar. Wherefore let those who speak with spirits be careful lest they be deceived, when [spirits] tell them, that they are those who were known to them, and that [they] are dead.


For there are genera and species of spirits of similar faculty [who] when similar are called up into man's memory, and thus are represented to them, they suppose they are the same. Then from the memory are worked all those things which represent them, also words, speech, sound, gestures and many things. Moreover they are so induced to think, when other spirits inspire them, for then they are in the phantasy of those [other spirits] and suppose they are the same. - 1748 August 19.


CONCERNING TRAVELLING [viatoribus] SPIRITS, WHOM OTHER SPIRITS FLY FROM. I heard spirits sounding as if with little bells, where-with it is customary in England to deck horses drawing carriages and burdens [loads]. There was a similar sound of bells, and as it were, a similar gait, so that for a long time I could not know other than that they were such; but I perceived that it was spirits who thus sound, just like belled horses before carriages, also stepping quite slowly, and inspiring a perception that they are travelers. They came from the back part of the head, and progressed slowly: it seemed as if they proceeded towards the anterior [parts] of the head: but this was a feigned and represented thing [simulatum et effictum] flowing from their phantasy, which is also wont to simulate, as if they were elsewhere, when yet they remain in the same place. Thus they cause that they are [themselves to be] heard, as if present everywhere.


When their sound was heard by other spirits, they fled. I supposed that it was similar to the east wind: (of which [I spoke] above): for it was something of this kind that dispersed the spirits. The spirits fled thence, and said that [these] are of such a character that they carry off their goods therefore that [these steal]: wherefore they fled: and when I asked what goods they carried [might carry] off, in the other life, they said that everyone had something, which he did not wish to lose. Wherefore I can understand, that such spirits as are endured with that phantasy of possessing goods, to wit somewhat of gold, silver, garments and the like, were dispersed by those [other spirits]; and when the phantasy of the others who may steal, inflows, then they flee away and are dispersed. - 1748, August 19.


CONCERNING THOSE WHO EMPLOY SORCERIES, OR TRULLDOM. In sleep, I was harassed by those who employed [practiced] sorceries, or trulldom, but I do not remember in what manner I was harassed. Having awaked in the night, I perceived that such [spirits] were around me, yea also in the skin of my head; for when I had awaked, many fled away, and indeed, as if from the skin of the head, here and there, with a slight hissing sound, like as when some little distended vesicle is perforated. Such was the quick sound of that hissing [hastigt hwasande som af wader som utfar:] or like the [hissing] of serpents many of these dwell in the outermost province of the head, to wit in the skin thereof.


When I awoke, they also breathed a wind quite stormy and perceptible [sensibilem] into the part of the occiput over the forae [cavity], yea supposed that they breathed trulldom therein, and this would kill or hurt me in some way. Wherefore they also occupy that region.


((((((I next saw many serpents [angues] crawling in a sort of court [curia], so that the court which was paved [strata] with stones)))))) as it were of earthenware of light yellow color (brick of a light yellow color), was crowded with such. It is said that [those spirits] live among such [serpents] and love such things, but that those serpents are not venomous. - 1748, August 20.


CONCERNING THOSE WHO HOLD AS A PRINCIPLE COMMUNION OF ALL THINGS. There are those who hold to the principle of communion of all things, thus also of wives, therefore have miscellaneous intercourse, of whom, I think, [I have treated] previously. These are at a great distance, high up in front. They speak as if they were good, but they are wicked, as also deceitful: wherefore their punishment is also that of serpents [serpentina]: by which they are tied up as it were into a little bundle, and so the serpent is stretched winding around them from side to side [in latum], and draws over all, as it were, a ball, bundled up [confasciculatum] and they are cast out. - 1748, August 20.


THAT THOUGHT IS PERCEIVED BY SPIRITS, [AS] LIKE AN EXHALATION AND [THAT] THEY ARE LED BY SUCH. I have carried on speaking with spirits in different modes: There is a speech very similar to the human [speech] and to language [linguae] with a manifest action on the tongue and organs of speech - next a cogitative speech as it were, thought speaking besides this purer [speech] which is of interior thought, the thought whereof I did not perceive except by a sort of exhalation as it were, or [a sort] of thought exhaling from the interior. Therefore, there are many intermediate varieties of speech [loquela sunt intermediae plures] [by] many of which I have conversed


As respects this speech, to wit, exhalative as it were, the spirits who were at a great attitude above the head perceived it very distinctly, and spoke the things whereof it was thus thought, at which I wondered, and indeed for some time. They also perceived that there was with me, as it were, an exhalative [principle] of speech: and I observed that spirits are led to speak thereby, so that otherwise they could not have spoken. When they observed this, and I told them that they did not speak anything, but that which they were led to speak, therefore [did not speak] from themselves, they were indignant. This also occurred, was shown them, and observed many times. - 1748, August 21.


THAT THERE IS MUCH SWEETNESS IN THE PERCEPTION BY THE ANGELS THAT THEY DO NOT THINK OF THEMSELVES. ((It was granted me to perceive suddenly [on a sudden] the sweetness of the angels in perceiving this, that they do not think of themselves, consequently do not speak and act [of themselves], for hence is rest [quiet] and confidence, and very many pleasantnessess. - 1748, August 21.))


But the rest who are not angels and among the good, instead of sweetness perceive tedium [and] annoyance; they are indignant [and] angry; which also was often granted me to observe. - 1748, August 21.


THAT EVIL SPIRITS CANNOT DESIST FROM ASSAILING THE GOOD. Evil spirits continually assail in various ways by deceits, cunning, malice [and] rashness, the good and the things which belong to true faith. Good spirits do not assail, except to defend themselves, as I have continually observed. Evil spirits were asked, who threw shade and contempt on those things which were written, whether they could desist from assailing; they said, No. Wherefore they were told that if their nature is allowed relaxing, they cannot desist; but if they were held in bonds, they can. They were not willing to admit this, although they are well aware that such is the case. In a word, as soon as their bond is relaxed, they rush into all deceits, craftiness, malice, cruelties, and abominable things, as was given me to know from much experience. - 1748, August 21.


A DISCOURSE WITH ABRAHAM, WHY THE JEW WERE BORN AND LIVED, AND YET ON ACCOUNT OF THEIR INFIDELITY ARE CONDEMNED. Abraham was present today and breathed in many things to hinder [oppose] those things which were written: with whom I spoke occasionally, as also concerning this, why he blames the Lord, that [because] the Jews were born, multiplied and condemned, when it would have been enough for them not to have been born, and that he [himself] was also of such a nature and for so long a time; he also blames [the Lord] that therefore he was [of such a nature] in order that he might receive the Jews who believe in him, and so they might be withdrawn from the phantasy. But he received the reply that that they are the cause [thereof] and he is the cause [but] never the Lord, who inspires all with every good, and wishes to save all, as was very well known to him who has been there so long.


Wherefore that they are of such a character, and he is of such a character is to be attributed to themselves; and that there were born not only infidel Jews, but also the greatest part of Christians, who do not believe as also the whole evil world, this is provided, and because they are such one should be born so as to be a remedy for another, for evil is cured by evil, like as is known in temptations and other similar things, which because provided, it could not have happened differently Since the world was born of such a character, and it was so only on account of a last and best end, it follows, that he who speaks and feels otherwise, speaks against [what is] Divine. These things were better understood through spiritual ideas, which were then also inspired into me, and have been confirmed from heaven. - 1748, August 21.


THAT ABRAHAM IS IGNORANT WHERE THE JEWS ARE WHO CAME TO HIM SO LONG A TIME. Many times when Abraham has been with me unattended by Jews, I asked him where were the Jews, many of whom came to him, from the time when he lived. He replied that he does not know where they are, and wondered that they have successively receded and disappeared; so that he does not know, and still says that he could call together those who were in that filthy Jerusalem: but this cannot be, save from the Lord's permission. Those are there who still labor under phantasies, and pass the time in filthiness. - 1748, August 21


A DISCOURSE WITH A CERTAIN DECEITFUL SPIRIT, IN COMPANY WITH ABRAM. When Abram departed, there succeeded a certain spirit sent by him, of whom he said that he could deceive the devil, so artfully did he insinuate his deceits - insisting inasmuch as all derive life from the Lord, how could there be such a one; thus supposed that the Lord led him to deceits; but it was given to reply that it was decreed from eternity that each one should enjoy his own life, and not be deprived thereof; wherefore even this [deceitful spirit] also had life from the Lord; but it is with him as with pellucid objects illumined by the sun, wherein the light is turned into colors, even into disagreeable ones, as into browns, blackish [hues], and other sad [colors]: It is the sun's light which is thus changed by the object so disagreeably. Thus also it is with him inasmuch as he is an object of life: he is such a one, as has acquired to himself such a form, that is nature, hence [his] life is thus made by him and continues. - 1748, August 21.


A DISCOURSE WITH SPIRITS THAT INTERIORS WHICH DO NOT APPEAR TO THEM, ARE EVERYTHING. Certain deceitful spirits when it was written concerning the representative Church, that there were only externals whereby holy internal things were represented; he said that he could not understand these things, although he was able to understand; but it was given to reply to him by ideas and spiritual and visual representations, that what we see, are only envelopes and outermost coverings, when there are interiors which are the all thereof. It was granted to represent to him a tree whose leaves only appear, then an apple, of which we see only the outside, when yet within it are fibers like trees, if they are unfolded: there are juices purer and purer, there are envelopes of seeds, there are seeds which inwardly store up the purest [principles] thereof: these we do not see. Such is his thought, only a certain external cuticle skin. - 1748, August 21.


A DISCOURSE WITH CERTAIN JEWS CONCERNING THE LAND OF CANAAN. I spoke with certain quite learned Jews concerning God the Messiah, that he is represented by the sacrifices, and that he is Jehovah God of Israel who was to come: also concerning the land of Canaan, that he would introduce the faithful into the land of Canaan, by which cannot be understood any land but heaven, for what would it profit them to be introduced into some land, where they would live only forty to fifty years, and die. Wherefore by the land of Canaan is understood heaven, where is life eternal. What is forty and fifty years but a little point, and scarcely this, as respects eternity, in which life they [now] are. Then (I now add [this]) what need have their dead of such a land, of whom there are myriads in comparison with those who live. When they heard [this] they said, whence do you have these things: they seemed as if they paid attention thereto. It was granted to reply that this is everywhere in the prophets, who if they are understood, these things are patent: for example, that the prophets speak concerning such things, it was given to say that Ezekiel (if I mistake not) describes the new Jerusalem and new Temple. These things cannot be understood, unless it is understood of what nature is the heaven, which is signified by these things. - 1748, August 21.


WHAT ABRAHAM [SAID] CONCERNING THE LORD. When it was told certain Jews, what Abram [says] who has been so long in the other life, and who has previously said, that he was well aware that the Lord rules heaven, then Abram said that he knew that the Lord rules heaven, and, can effect all things in heaven, that he ought to know it better than any other. - 1748, August 21.


THAT EVIL SPIRITS COULD NOT HAVE LIVED, UNLESS THEY MIGHT SERVE FOR TEMPTATIONS, PUNISHMENTS, AND THE LIKE, FROM WHICH GOOD ARISES. Inasmuch as the life of evil spirits consists in thinking and doing evil, for in these they place pleasantness of life, whatever belongs to their love belongs to their life, therefore were they checked in those things, and held forcibly to good, then not only could they not live, but also could not be reformed, that is, bended to good. Wherefore it is permitted them; that to serve for such [things] for the end that the evil may be emended, for instance through punishments, vastations, temptations. That they could not live apart from such [things], and that life would be taken away from them, were their malicious practices taken away, it was granted to tell them several times, and they could not deny, but affirm [it]. In like manner this day also, that they also have their consolation [derived] from hope, to wit when they intend any fraud, and desire and have hope, of doing evil, then they have consolation and are quiet; which was also shown me today. Wherefore they also possess a quiet life, [derived] from hope. - 1748, August 22.


CONCERNING JEWS OF VERY SOUND MIND [perquam sanis]. There were also with me Jews, imbued with their opinion, who said of Christians, that they speak so much of interiors, as of the heavenly Jerusalem, of David, and the heavenly Solomon, and the like: thus, just as during life, laughed (not with such derision as others) at Christians, therefore at what interiors [signify], not admitting [such a thing]. These Jews have been with me a day or two; but [one of them] was quite sensible [sanus], for he suffered himself to be informed, and perhaps during life had thought somewhat sensibly concerning the Messiah; and he seemed to have thought concerning the life after death: also to have [led] quite a good life, or to have possessed charity in the life of the body. Such can easily be led to heaven in the other life.


EXTERNAL SPIRITS ARE IGNORANT, THAT PERSUASION PUTS ON NATURE, AND HENCE (THOSE WHO HAVE A PERSUASION) CANNOT BE TAKEN THEREFROM. Evil spirits continually wish to persuade the good of their falsities, but still are ignorant that this is to fight against nature, and change it, which is impossible. He who is once [semel, I think] imbued with the persuasion of the true and good, and it is confirmed by the Lord, so that he can be held in the persuasion, can never be plucked away from thence. Evil spirits are ignorant thereof. They suppose that man can be perverted by the least ratiocination, thus that the good Jews [can be]. This nevertheless is impossible [incassum.] - 1748, August 22.


THAT THE WORLD IS OF SUCH A NATURE AT THE PRESENT DAY, THAT THEY WISH TO KILL INFANTS. Often when I passed through the streets, it was shown me through the horrible cupidities of certain which were communicated [to me], that they wished to kill infants wherever they were seen. This often happened. Today, a certain one in the world of spirits, of whom no such thing was suspected, possessed a similar [characteristic] in himself, which was suddenly manifested by something infantile derived to him, to wit, infantile innocence, as it were from an infant, and as it were through me. At the presence, being startled [perculsus] he said that he was interiorly distressed and tormented, therefore flowed close [alluit] to me, where he is still at my back, and cannot speak, because the spirit as it were, is taken from him: from which it may be known of what quality is the world at this day [and] that there are such in the world, of whom no such thing can be suspected: he said that the spectacles of punishments by death have been pleasant to him in life. - 1748, August 22.


THAT THE GENERAL LIFE OF THE LORD INFLOWS INTO THE UNIVERSE. This is a most general rule [canon] that the life of the Lord inflows into the universe; hence [is] the life of all, hence the order of all, hence the life of everyone, according to the form of each, acquired by himself. I was instructed concerning this today, and it follows from each and all things, because there is but one love, and one life. - 1748, August 22.


THAT CORPOREAL SPIRITS CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE INTERIORS OF THE WORD. When I was reading, hastily, something concerning the interiors of the Word, to wit what is signified by names and expressions, then was communicated the perception of such spirits; from which it could be apparent, that they not only did not perceive, but despised, held in slight estimation, and rejected it as an absurdity [insanum]. Concerning this matter they afterwards spoke to me. It was granted to reply to them by a comparison: whether they believe, when the birds hear the speech of man, that they do not know there can be anything else perceived but the sound merely without the spirit of speech, or thought concerning something. To which they could answer nothing. - 1748, August 22. It was also given to add, it is just like reading in the Lord's Word, the Psalms, or elsewhere. Some see, therein, great light, [and] are delighted with each thing. Some [see] nothing, so as not to understand even a word.


CONCERNING CERTAIN SPIRITS OR ANGELS, WHO WHEN THEY COME, SEEM TO HAVE THE LORD'S PRESENCE WITH THEM. I have sometimes perceived that spirits or angels remitted into the state of spirits, when they spoke, alleged [praetulerint] that it was, as it were, the Lord Himself who spoke, so that they infused or insinuated in spirits, the persuasion, as it were, that the Lord Himself was present; but still after they had spoken, I could know from indications [indiciis] that they alleged [this] and that it is permitted or conceded to them to allege this. Now, also, about evening, a similar spirit or angel remitted into the spirit, was with me, and indeed next [very near] above the head, as is wont to happen; and then evil spirits around me could not infest me, nor anything inflow from them, for by his presence, this was intercepted from them; but he afterwards said, that he [had] become another. It seems that through such [spirits] is the presence of angels, with whom the Lord is perceived [as] present; hence, also [his] presence is perceived. - 1748, August 22.


CONCERNING A CERTAIN ONE WHO SUPPOSED IT TO BE ABSURD THAT SPIRITS ARE ELSEWHERE THAN IN THE PLACE WHERE THEY APPEAR. A certain spirit wished to infuse in others that it was absurd to say that a spirit was elsewhere than near me, where he appears; but it was granted to reply to him, how it can happen, to wit: that he who is buried a thousand miles distance from me, and still is with me in the same place, is not certainly then removed from his place, thence to where I am, when I might be in one or other kingdom. Whereto he could reply nothing. - 1748, August 22.


CONCERNING EVIL SPIRITS OF THE INTERIOR WORLD OF SPIRITS. THAT POWER TO RESIST EVILS, EVEN WITH VIOLENCE, IS GRANTED. Today, as often previously, evil spirits and genii, with their eyes, as it were, the points of thoughts, which no man can know, and therefore cannot believe there are such things, or that such spirits are given, continually harassed me, and, indeed, held me in my more pleasant [states]; thus it was a class of those, who act from premeditation, but spirits, and not genii, who are worse. These do nothing else, than do [produce] in the interior thought those things that do not come into the manifest thought of man, [but] merely into the idea of [his) thought, as an effect; so that man cannot know, that by such [spirits] [these] things are carried within the ideas of their thought, for he cannot conclude from the effect, so long as he is in the effect, unless he knows. Such are the deceitful and evil in the interior world of spirits, to wit, that the least ideas of thoughts with man, which he regards, and calls simple ideas of thoughts, are their effects. This was given me to know, from considerable and living experience. Man, while he is man, although of such a nature, still is not aware that such interior, natural thoughts are given; [but] when he becomes a spirit, in the other life, he is aware, when he is such; for certain evil and deceitful [spirits] are still in such, for then they come into the manifest exercise of such thoughts, and know.


When such infested me long, by keeping me in my more pleasant [states] out of premeditated deceit, and this was granted me to perceive, then, in whatever mode, I seemed to be able, I resisted, by fighting them back, retorting evil upon them, although [it was] not of me, but I seemed [to act] as it were, from myself. Certain spirits spoke with me and said, that it is not permitted to act so, as to resist evil with evil; they supposed that they ought to be wholly submissive, and expect immediate help from the Lord, for they fall into such an opinion, from the general law alone, that they must not resist evil, but suffer all evils to be brought upon them, and so expect immediate liberation from the Lord. But they were told, that it is not so to be understood, as that if anyone in the life of man, if a thief, a robber, a malefactor, wishes to take away any one's life, to steal deceitfully, or by open force, what is most dear and quite necessary to him, to burn it, and he [the sufferer is] alone, that then he would suffer this to happen, and expect immediate help from the Lord,


and when he does not receive [it] puts the blame on the Lord; such is by no means the understanding of the general law, but it is lawful to anyone to resist evil, when there is no other help at hand, but only with the mind of resisting evil, not [with the mind] of hating him who does [it], nor with the mind of exercising vengeance; for then the Lord, by means suitable at that time, gives him the strength and mind to resist; which resistance is regulated by the Lord. When they did not understand, or wish to understand this; for they could not understand what it is to resist, and retort evil on anyone, without hatred and vengeance, they wished to draw me into some arguments; to whom it was said, that this is the truth, and a general law, against which, if arguments should be formed, nothing would be understood concerning the law and that truth; but there would only be accumulations or arguments, hence, darkness of mind. - 1748, August 23.


It was added, that there is no hatred nor vengeance, for as soon as they cease, no evil happens to them but they are well received, and can be friends; which was then told them; that they might know that it is done by the servants of the Lord, without hatred and vengeance; for such is equilibrium, that when man, who is servant of the Lord, seems to himself to resist from anger, there are spirits of such a nature, who operate it into him as if [it were] in him, out of a certain pleasantness, hatred or vengeance; thus, also, suppose [it proceeds] from themselves, so that he does not know other than that [it proceeds] from himself, when yet it is from them who suppose they can [effect] it from their own power.


A certain one spoke with me, saying, that he has been [of such a nature]; adding that he can operate through the interiors of thought, and does not know how he could have been of such a nature, when [since] in the life of the body he has never thought in such a manner, but only had simple ideas of thoughts, and now perceives that he is in an interior sphere, to wit, that from many of his [ideas] he produces simple ideas with others, which he calls to fill up a single idea of anyone, with many things, whereof man or spirit who has only such ideas, is ignorant. - 1748, August 23.


But upright spirits, also interior, are distinguished from these by this: that they are also endowed with such interior thought, but not for the sake of injuring anyone, but of instructing themselves, and doing good, excusing, etc., etc.; concerning which matter [I] now also [speak] with spirits.


It is to be held in general, that all things, which I have written in this book, are written, wholly from living experience from conversation with spirits and angels, from thought, like tacit speech, communicated [to me], also, I wrote when of the things insinuated by them who were then together, they experienced them to the fullest extent; and under their direction as to thoughts, writings, hand, so that everything which in these three books, and elsewhere is written, though occasionally incoherent, still pertains to experience, and everything in its manner [proceed] from spirits or angels; this is likewise directed by spirits next my head, for I have as often perceived their presence. - 1748, August 23.


A GREAT HORSE AND A SHINING IMAGE ARE SEEN. When persecution by interior spirits persisted, and I seemed to resist their attempts, then was seen a horse, which proceeded to the left, where they were, and by progressing, there was a continuation, as it were, of the horse, so that it was progressively prolonged to such a degree that the [whole] space was, as it were, a horse. Next was seen something which injected into the thought that it was the Lord, though [it was] another shape [effigies] which cannot be described, bright about the shoulders, as it were, flamy about the shoulder. It was insinuated that such a horse signifies that they who were amongst them from upright spirits, therefore, from the intellectual, were separated from the evil, and the bright shape; that those who were from the good genii, who had good affections, were separated; for that crew should be scattered, and lest the upright should be therein, they were separated thence; for such interior spirits and genii can easily seduce the upright, so that these cannot know other than that they are similar to them; for such is the communication and insertion. They take from them, as it were, all power of perceiving and feeling otherwise than they; for thus they operate, as is evident to me from much experience. - 1748, August 23.


CONCERNING SUBTLER THOUGHT [AND] THE IDEAS THEREOF. I spoke with him, who said that he now knows that interior thought is given, whose ideas filled up the simple ideas of others, since he supposed that simpler ideas than his could not be given; for they suppose that there are not given ideas more simple than those which are there most subtle [ideas]. But it was given to represent to him, of what quality are his ideas, which he considered to be most subtle, and that subtler [ones] are not given, to wit, that if he should see anyone of them with a microscope (this then pleased him greatly, because [he was] of such a character), he would see one idea [to be] larger than the horse that was seen, and afterwards, larger than the whole earth, with its woods and varieties; and that his simplest idea was that crust [shell], wherein were worms and serpents [things] not seen by him. He was amazed thereat; and [this] because it was represented in spiritual idea, by holding the idea on [in] the objects of the microscope, whereby those things, which to sight are the simplest,


[and] least, and not visible, are still laid open [revealed], and the various things therein; for instance, the viscera, vessels, and innumerable things in their insects; which man would not believe unless he had seen. - 1748, August 23. When it was represented to him, by a subtle representation, that his least was only a shell [crustaeceum] wherein were worms and little snakes, that, as it were, crawled and ate, and thus manifested [causarentur] titillation and pleasantness, as usual; then he began to feel [persentiscere] his pleasant things, with such pleasantness from titillation, that he said, he has never perceived such pleasantness in his life, nor would have believed that it could be given. - 1748, August 23. But he now confesses that he has also perceived some uneasiness [anxium].


When it was granted to represent experience by means of the microscope, the spirits resisted, and did not wish to allow it, saying that they do not wish to admit those things which convince, for they fear to be convinced. - 1748, August 23.


THAT FEAR DOES NOT EFFECT [ANYTHING]. It was shown by living experience, that fear does not effect anything, but that after fear, men and spirits return to their former nature. Quite a great fear was inspired into them that they would cease to live if they went [were] away from me; for with me, they live just as in the world, or in the life of the body, not knowing anything different. When they were filled with that fear [timore] they came to me, and with fear [metu] manifested their fear; but shortly after, they consulted, as previously, how to kill me, and quite take away my life, so that there was the same mind after fear as before fear. - 1748, August 23.


CONCERNING INTERIOR THOUGHT. See above, concerning interior thought. I spoke with spirits concerning interior thought, and in order that I might know of what quality it was, exterior thought was taken away from me, so that I thought nothing [that came] from objects, nevertheless, so as scarcely to think concerning anything [existing] in act: yet in that state I heard what they said, but without reflection as to what they said; which was immediately given to observe. There was recalled into my remembrance that I have been long of such a character [in such a state], to wit, in interior thought, when I have thought of those things which I wrote, in the street, at the table, sometimes in conversation, when I myself had not observed. Then was, plainly [manifest, I think] perceived and shown to me, a double [two- fold] thought, to wit, an interior thought concerning matters subject to the understanding, and concerning matters that were the objects of the senses: like as when I had read in the Lord's Word, then was observed a double [duplex] thought, and for a long time. In like manner, in this state while I write, and very often when I read, when I hear spirits speaking with me, then the interior thought is plainly apperceived, and observed by spirits. - 1748, August 23. They who have interior thought, also have exterior [thought]; the same spirit afterwards spoke with me, in the same manner, as those who are exterior.

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