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p. 119

Bell-shaped Vase.


THIS vase is of the kind which the Neapolitans call campana, on account of their shape, which has some resemblance to a bell.

On one side is represented a scene of the Dionysia or Bacchanalia. Three men are taking part in them, each furnished with preposterous phalluses. One of these personages is seated, and represents old Silenus: this is the hierophant, the president of the festival. To the spectator's right is a Bacchus covered with the chlamys, and with his head in a hairy casque. Between these two divinities may be seen a little old man, who draws near the hierophant, places one hand on his thigh, and prepares to worship the attributes of the god.

The other side represents a Bacchic game. A young woman is stooping to pick up the sphæra (a kind of ball) which she has dropped, but her awkwardness is equivalent to a defeat, and her adversary approaches her to exercise the rights of victory.

These two subjects are intermingled with foliage and with arabesques.

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