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Keep a True Lent, by Charles Fillmore, [1953], at

Observe Lent The Unity Way

Unity believes that we can keep Lent best by denying ourselves not "things" but negative thoughts and feelings. And, through prayer and study, we can contemplate the victorious Christ and attempt to be more like Him.

Keep a True Lent contains material especially written by Charles Fillmore to help you observe Lent in this way.

How to Study

1. Before beginning your day-by-day study, we suggest you read all the chapters preceding the Lenten lessons.

2. Set aside a definite time for prayer and study when you are least likely to be interrupted.

3. Read each day's assignment, beginning with Ash Wednesday.

4. Read the Bible reference given at the beginning of each day's lesson.

5. Answer the questions concerning what you have read.

6. Use the meditation given in the Study Guide.

7. Put the principles of these lessons to work in your life.

p. xi

1st Day

Ash Wednesday

Reading Assignment: "Denial," page 141; Chapter 9, pages 63-70


1. What is denial?

2. What should follow denial?

3. How should denials be made?

4. How are quarrels and uncharitable thoughts overcome?

I keep a true Lent by denying limiting beliefs of the past and by laying hold of positive ideas that are life-giving. Thus I spiritualize my thinking and transform my life.

2d Day


Reading Assignment: "Affirmation," page 142; Chapter

10, pages 71-76


1. What is an affirmation?

2. What is the result of many affirmations?

3. What is the highest affirmation we can make?

4. What happens when one lives affirmations of Truth?

In time of need I will remind myself and declare: "I am God's child, created in His image and likeness. I am joint heir with Jesus Christ to the kingdom of God."

p. xii


3d Day

Reading Assignment: "God," page 143; Chapter 2, pages 14, 15; Chapter 4, pages 24, 25


1. How are God's attributes brought into expression?

2. Why was Jesus a true expression of God? Explain.

3. What must we do to make ourselves channels through which God can come forth into expression?

4. What is our inheritance from God?

Jesus thought, spoke, and acted in accord with His divine Self. I too think, speak, and act in accord with my divine Self.


4th Day

Reading Assignment: "I AM," page 144; Chapter 2, pages 14-18; Chapter 3, pages 20, 21; Chapter 8, page 56; Chapter 15, page 121


1. Explain the I AM.

2. Where is the home of I AM?

3. What is the rock foundation of being?

4. What happens when we build our consciousness in God-Mind?

I am free to live healthily and happily. I am free to express my talents and abilities. I am free to go forward in peace and joy.

p. xiii

1st Sunday

The Altar

Reading Assignment: "The Altar," page 145; Chapter 11, page 83; Chapter 13, page 95


1. What does going to the altar signify?

2. What is the altar to the unknown God?

3. What happens when we pray?

4. What part does desire play in our spiritual growth?

Let me remember always that prayer does not change God--prayer changes me. Prayer brings me closer to God, doser to the light, closer to Truth.

5th Day

The Garden of Eden

Reading Assignment: "The Garden of Eden," page 147; Chapter 17, pages 130-135


1. What is man's primary work in the earthly consciousness?

2. What is the Garden?

3. Explain the importance of the power of thought.

4. What do the twelve gates that open into the Garden of Eden represent?

Lent is a splendid time to build a strong consciousness of life. I affirm again and again that my body is the temple of the living God.

p. xiv


6th Day

Reading Assignment: "Faith," page 148; Chapter 15, pages 110-121


1. Define "faith."

2. How is the faith center developed?

3. Where should we place our faith?

4. What happens when the mental eye is illumined with faith?

Faith is one of my inborn faculties; I need only begin to use it. As I keep it turned in the direction of Truth, my faith grows and develops.


7th Day

Reading Assignment: "Strength," page 149; Chapter 3, pages 19-23


1. Define "strength."

2. Where does strength originate?

3. How can we establish strength in soul and body?

4. Why is strength of spirit necessary?

I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. As I turn to Him in prayer, my mind is open to ideas that are strong and true, and I feel an inflow of strength.

p. xv

8th Day


Reading Assignment: "Wisdom," page 150; Chapter 8, pages 56, 57


1. Where does wisdom originate?

2. What is the difference between wisdom and understanding?

3. How do we become conscious of the Christ radiance?

4. What does spiritual understanding reveal?

The Christ light, the light of Truth, is shining at the heart of my being. My thoughts are illumined by the light of Spirit and my powers and capabilities are increased.

9th Day


Reading Assignment: "Love," page 151; Chapter 5, pages 30-35


1. Define "love."

2. What happens when love is made active in consciousness?

3. What is necessary to make a perfect union between our mind and the loving mind of the Father?

4. Is there any bar to our exercise of love?

I express love to all, love that is balanced with wisdom. My prayer is: "Lord, make me a channel for the expression of Your love, day by day."

p. xvi


10th Day

Reading Assignment: "Power," page 153; Chapter 10, pages 73, 74; Chapter 15, pages 113-121


1. What must precede man's control of his thoughts and feelings?

2. What is the highest gift given to man?

3. How does the voice become rich, warm, and mellow?

4. What happens when we pray and realize our spiritual dominion?

The Truth is that I can do all things through the power of Christ working within me. I can act and react in loving ways. I can find harmony and happiness in living with the people in my world.

Imagination 2d Sunday

Reading Assignment: "Imagination," page 154; Chapter 7, page 52


1. Define "imagination."

2. How was everything that exists brought into expression?

3. How do we lay hold of ideas?

4. What part does the imagining power of the mind play in our communication with God?

I allow my mind to run to positive imagery. I see my life as it is meant to be--good and beautiful.

p. xvii

11th Day


Reading Assignment: "Understanding," page 155; Chapter 7, pages 45, 46; Chapter 17, pages 127, 128


1. Define "spiritual understanding."

2. What does understanding reveal?

3. What is it in us that comprehends?

4. Why must we develop understanding?

I open my mind to light and understanding. I give thanks that the glory and the brightness of Christ shine in me and through me.

12th Day


Reading Assignment: "Will," page 156; Chapter 8, pages 61, 62; Chapter 15, page 110


1. Define "will."

2. What teaches us the Father's will?

3. How does man form spiritual character?

4. How do we bring the divine will to bear in our consciousness?

If I have hesitated to pray, "Not my will, but thine, be done," I now know that the will of God is good, and I will to do God's will.

p. xviii


13th Day

Reading Assignment: "Law," page 158; Chapter 5, page

32; Chapter 17, page 131


1. What is divine law?

2. What is divine law in us?

3. Does man make the law? Explain.

4. How does man align himself with divine law?

Father-God, give me the wisdom and understanding to see Your divine law of good at work in every part of my life. Let me walk unafraid through every experience, secure in the knowledge that You are always present.


14th Day

Reading Assignment: "Zeal," page 159; Chapter 10, pages 71-76


1. Define "zeal."

2. What part does zeal play in achievement?

3. Can zeal become excessive? Explain.

4. For what purpose should a portion of zeal be used?

Father-God, I pray for zeal to motivate me to achievement, and for wisdom to keep me steady, strong, and true to divine principle.

p. xix

15th Day


Reading Assignment: "Renunciation," page 160; Chapter 9, pages 63-70


1. For what purpose did Jesus come?

2. How did Jesus convey to us the truth that there is no power and no reality in sin?

3. What happens when we enter into an understanding of the real?

4. What in us discerns the difference between Truth and error?

I rejoice in the truth that there is no power and no reality in sin. The place in my thoughts that had been occupied with past disappointment and past mistakes is now filled with an understanding of God's freeing love.

16th Day


Reading Assignment: "Life," page 161; Chapter 8, pages

60, 61; Chapter 16, pages 122-126


1. How does life manifest itself?

2. Where does life originate?

3. What was the God presence to Jesus?

4. How do we make alive all the cells of our organism?

Christ within me is my life. Every part of my body temple is filled with the vigor and strength of Christ.

p. xx


3d Sunday

Reading Assignment: "Conservation," page 162; Chapter 9, pages 69, 70


1. What happens to our youth?

2. How can we regain our youth?

3. What does Jesus represent?

4. What step is necessary in the process of body restoration?

I live with the realization that the Christ in me is eternally renewing every cell and atom of my entire being.

Jesus Christ Our Helper

17th Day

Reading Assignment: "Jesus Christ Our Helper," page 164; Chapter 2, page 17


1. What reason have we for believing that God planned to make Jesus a continuous working factor in our civilization?

2. What did Jesus promise?

3. How did Jesus become a citizen of heaven?

4. Why do we not see Jesus?

I have an important assignment: It is to follow the Jesus Christ way as closely as I am able, so that I too may bless, inspire, and uplift others.

p. xxi

18th Day


Reading Assignment: "Evolution," page 165; Chapter 4, page 27


1. What is enfolded in every man?

2. Define "evolution."

3. What is the supreme attainment of every man?

4. How did God project man and the universe into creation?

Spiritual growth cannot be forced. It is an upward journey, and each time I pray, each time I affirm Truth, I am adding to my spiritual consciousness.

19th Day

The Blood of Jesus

Reading Assignment: "The Blood of Jesus," page 166; Chapter 4, page 28; Chapter 17, page 134


1. How did Jesus purify the natural blood in His body?

2. How did Jesus broadcast the spiritual electrons of His body into the race thought atmosphere?

3. How do we partake of the substance and life of Spirit and build the Christ body?

4. Where does the way to eternal life lie?

As I let my mind dwell on the nature of Jesus Christ, I absorb more of His Spirit into my consciousness. His strength becomes my strength. His life becomes my life. His power becomes my power.

p. xxii

The Body Temple

20th Day

Reading Assignment: "The Body Temple," page 167; Chapter 3, pages 19-23


1. How can we have a perfect body and a perfect world?

2. How does the mind lay hold of Truth?

3. What does it mean to bless someone or something?

4. What is the result of our spiritual thought?

I keep my attention on the ageless, perfect Spirit within me.

The Grace of God

21st Day

Reading Assignment: "The Grace of God," page 168; Chapter 4, pages 24, 25


1. Define "grace."

2. How far does the grace of God extend?

3. How may we become recipients of that which the Father would bestow?

4. How does the redeeming, transforming power come to us?

Through the grace of God I forgive, and I am forgiven.

p. xxiii

22d Day

Fourth Dimension

Reading Assignment: "Fourth Dimension," page 170;

Chapter 15, page 110


1. Define the "fourth dimension."

2. What binds the human mind?

3. What happens when we invoke the aid of Christ?

4. How do we enter the realm of the fourth dimension?

Through Christ within, I clearly discern spiritual things. I know that there is no limit to the width of my human horizon when I realize my divine potential.

4th Sunday

The Sabbath

Reading Assignment: "The Sabbath," page 171; Chapter 11, pages 77-86


1. What is the true Sabbath?

2. What does the seventh day mean?

3. How is man raised out of the Adam consciousness?

4. Does God rest? Explain.

I daily emphasize the Sabbath idea, the idea of serving God in praise and thanksgiving, and in silent prayer.

p. xxiv

The Idea

23d Day

Reading Assignment: "The Idea," page 172; Chapter 7, pages 48, 49; Chapter 15, page 119


1. Define "idea."

2. What happens when ideas are released?

3. How do we bring divine ideas into manifestation?

4. How did Jesus heal the sick and raise the dead?

I am in touch with God's infinite storehouse of divine ideas. I use these divine ideas in my daily living.


24th Day

Reading Assignment: "Healing," page 173; Chapter 3, pages 19-23


1. What is the normal condition of man?

2. What is the first step in spiritual healing? The next?

3. How did the early Christians do their mighty works?

4. How do we raise our consciousness to spirituality?

Quietly, confidently, I turn to God. His vitalizing life and energy floods my whole being. I am healed. Praise God, I am healed.

p. xxv

25th Day


Reading Assignment: "Peace," page 175; Chapter 1, pages 9-13


1. What releases spiritual ideas of far-reaching influence?

2. How did Jesus handle antagonism?

3. What did Jesus know in regard to the universal law of justice?

4. How is justice established in our affairs?

My mind is stayed on Thee, O Lord. I place myself and all that concerns me trustingly in Thy care. I rest in Thy peace and power.

26th Day


Reading Assignment: "Heaven," page 176; Chapter 14, pages 107, 108


1. What are the two universal planes of consciousness?

2. How do they differ?

3. How does God create?

4. Where is heaven?

I do not look to a future time nor to a distant place for heaven. Here and now I am at one with the kingdom of all good.

p. xxvi


27th Day

Reading Assignment: "Principle," page 177; Chapter 2, page 14; Chapter 9, page 69


1. Define "principle."

2. How can we demonstrate principle?

3. What unifies us with Divine Mind?

4. How may we realize the perfect mind which was in Christ Jesus?

I apply divine principles to my problems when I seek spiritual help, when I turn to God with my needs. As I pray, God reveals right answers; He fulfills my every need.


28th Day

Reading Assignment: "Miracles," page 178; Chapter 10, page 75


1. Explain the first miracle in our consciousness.

2. What are miracles?

3. Does God perform miracles? Explain.

4. What do miracle workers claim?

I may consider the works of Jesus as miraculous, but He considered them the outcome of the operation of divine law. I, too, can use the dynamic power of right thinking and prayer to bring healing where healing is needed and blessings where blessings are needed.

p. xxvii

5th Sunday

The Overcomer

Reading Assignment: "The Overcomer," page 180;

Chapter 6, page 38


1. Define an "overcomer."

2. How does one become an overcomer?

3. What is one of the laws of mind?

4. What is the work we have to do as overcomers?

I claim my dominion in Christ. I affirm my freedom to express the Christ perfection within me.

29th Day


Reading Assignment: "Patience," page 181; Chapter 5, pages 30-35


1. Define "patience."

2. What is the first requisite in developing patience?

3. What happens if we are self-centered and live in a material world?

4. What does patience give us?

I am patient, for my faith in God assures me that all things in my life are working together for my good.

p. xxviii

Divine Judgment

30th Day

Reading Assignment: "Divine Judgment," page 182;

Chapter 12, pages 87-92


1. What is human judgment?

2. What is divine judgment?

3. How is our judgment faculty quickened?

4. How do we redeem our judgment faculty?

As I cease to misjudge other persons, I find that I am not misjudged. I find that there is no criticism or condemnation in me, for me, or against me.

Spiritual Substance

31st Day

Reading Assignment: "Spiritual Substance," page 183;

Chapter 1, page 11; Chapter 2, page 14


1. How may the kingdom of abundance be found?

2. Where does substance exist?

3. What is spiritual substance?

4. How can we gain control of Spirit substance?

If I have a need of any kind, I open myself to the substance of Spirit. I give thanks that there is abundant supply for every need.

p. xxix

32d Day

The Atonement

Reading Assignment: "The Atonement," page 185; Chapter 7, page 53


1. How did Jesus open the way for mankind into the Father's kingdom?

2. What does "atonement" mean?

3. What would have happened to mankind if Jesus had not come?

4. Describe the Christianity of Jesus.

I am one with God, He is one with me. God is in me as the light that shines, dissipating all darkness, radiating into every part of my life.

33d Day

Mount of Transfiguration

Reading Assignment: "Mount of Transfiguration," page

186; Chapter 16, pages 125, 126


1. What precedes transfiguration?

2. What happens when the mind is exalted in prayer?

3. Do we all have a body of light? Explain.

4. How did Jesus transform His body?

Jesus referred to us as children of light. I am a child of light. I have a mind filled with light, a body filled with light. I am shining, glorious, splendid.

p. xxx


34th Day

Reading Assignment: "Transmutation," page 187; Chapter 10, page 75


1. Define "transmutation."

2. What is transmutation in consciousness?

3. What is affected in the process of developing out of the natural into the spiritual?

4. What does it mean to let the leaven of the Pharisees work in us?

There is no condition of mind or body that cannot be lifted up. Spirit in me, God's spirit, is powerful and ever-present. Spirit is life-giving.

Palm Sunday

Reading Assignment: "Palm Sunday," page 188; Chapter 5, page 34


1. What does Jerusalem symbolize?

2. What does Jesus symbolize?

3. What does Jesus' going to Jerusalem symbolize?

4. What happens when I AM takes charge?

The transcending spirit of Christ is in me. Abiding in this realization, I am at peace. I am poised and confident.

p. xxxi

35th Day

The New Race

Reading Assignment: "The New Race," page 189; Chapter 8, pages 54-62


1. How will the advent of a new race be brought about?

2. Who will qualify to be a member of this new race?

3. What should the true overcomer do?

4. Upon what does spiritual harmony in man depend?

I never cease to grow and progress. Each day I am inspired through Christ in me to come up higher and nearer to His perfection.

36th Day

The Fire of God

Reading Assignment: "The Fire of God," page 191; Chapter 9, page 68


1. What does fire represent?

2. What is the fire of God?

3. What does the fire of God do?

4. What must we do when we approach holy ground?

The works of Spirit are always constructive. I am not afraid to be on fire with the idea of God; I am not afraid to be consumed with a desire for greater light and Truth.

p. xxxii

Holy Communion

37th Day

Reading Assignment: "Holy Communion," page 192; Chapter 17, pages 113, 134


1. What is the first step in drinking of the blood and eating of the body of Jesus?

2. What is the benefit of taking Holy Communion?

3. What does bread symbolize?

4. What does wine symbolize?

I observe Holy Communion by keeping the words of Jesus Christ before me, by letting His words of Truth grow in my mind, and by following in His footsteps.


38th Day

Reading Assignment: "Gethsemane," page 193; Chapter 9, page 64


1. What does Gethsemane symbolize?

2. What is the function of error thoughts in the subconscious?

3. What was crucified on the Cross?

4. What plays the leading part in spiritual attainment?

I call on God's power to dissolve old error thoughts. I let my thoughts follow after the pattern of Truth set for me by Jesus Christ.

p. xxxiii

39th Day

Good Friday Crucifixion

Reading Assignment: "Crucifixion," page 194; Chapter 17, pages 133, 134


1. What was the final step of Jesus' work?

2. What does the word "crucifixion" mean?

3. What does "calvary" mean?

4. What do the three days Jesus was in the tomb represent?

God's spirit in me is invincible and indestructible. Thank You, Father, for Your spirit in me that gives me victory over death itself.

40th Day

Resting in God

Reading Assignment: "Resting in God," page 195; Chapter 5, page 30


1. What does Arimathea represent?

2. What does Joseph represent?

3. What happens when sense consciousness is raised to a higher plane?

4. What is the leaven that "leaveneth the whole lump"?

Father-God, I rest in the consciousness of Your presence within me and about me. I rest in the consciousness of Your life and perfection within me.

p. xxxiv

The Resurrection

Easter Sunday

Reading Assignment: "The Resurrection," page 197; Chapter 1, page 13; Chapter 3, page 21


1. What is the spiritual significance of Easter?

2. What is the resurrection?

3. How is resurrection accomplished?

4. Why was Jesus born into the race thought?

Christ within me is the resurrection and the life. Christ within me is the power that enables me to rise triumphant out of every trial.

p. xxxv

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