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The Water of the Wondrous Isles, by William Morris, [1897], at

The First Part: Of the House of Captivity

Chapter I. Catch At Utterhay

Chapter II. Now Shall Be Told of the House by the Water-Side

Chapter III. Of Skin-Changing

Chapter IV. Of the Waxing of the Stolen Child

Chapter V. Of Birdalone, and How She is Grown Into Maidenhood

Chapter VI. Herein Is Told of Birdalone's Raiment

Chapter VII. Birdalone Hath an Adventure in the Wood

Chapter VIII. Of Birdalone and the Witch-Wife

Chapter IX. Of Birdalone's Swimming

Chapter X. Birdalone Comes on New Tidings

Chapter XI. Of Birdalone's Guilt and the Chastisement Thereof

Chapter XII. The Words of the Witch-Wife to Birdalone

Chapter XIII. Birdalone Meeteth the Wood-Woman Again

Chapter XIV. Of Birdalone's Fishing

Chapter XV. Birdalone Weareth Her Serpent-Ring

Chapter XVI. Birdalone Meeteth Habundia Again; and Learneth Her First Wisdom of Her

Chapter XVII. The Passing of the Year into Winter

Chapter XVIII. Of Spring-Tide and the Mind of Birdalone

Chapter XIX. They Bid Farewell, Birdalone and the Wood-Mother

Chapter XX. Of Birdalone and the Sending Boat

The Second Part: Of the Wondrous Isles

Chapter I. The First Isle

Chapter II. Birdalone Falleth in with New Friends

Chapter III. Birdalone is Brought Before the Witch-Wife's Sister

Chapter IV. Of The Witch's Prison in the Wailing-Tower

Chapter V. They Feast in the Witch's Prison

Chapter VI. Atra Tells of How They Three Came Unto the Isle of Increase Unsought

Chapter VII. The Three Damsels Take Birdalone out of the Witch's Prison

Chapter VIII. In What Wise Birdalone Was Clad, and How She Went Her Ways From the Isle of Increase Unsought

Chapter IX. How Birdalone Came to the Isle of the Young and the Old

Chapter X. Birdalone Comes to the Isle of the Queens

Chapter XI. And Now She Comes to the Isle of the Kings

Chapter XII. Of Birdalone, How She Came Unto the Isle of Nothing

The Third Part: Of the Castle of the Quest

Chapter I. Birdalone Comes to the Castle of the Quest

Chapter II. Of Birdalone, and How She Rested the Night Through in a Bower Without the Castle of the Quest

Chapter III. How Birdalone Dight Her For Meeting the Champions of the Quest

Chapter IV. And Now She Meets the Champions

Chapter V. Birdalone Has True Tokens From the Champions of the Quest

Chapter VI. How The Champions Would Do Birdalone to be Clad Anew in the Castle of the Quest

Chapter VII. Of Birdalone, How She Told the Champions All Her Tale

Chapter VIII. In The Meanwhile of the Departing of the Champions, They Would Pleasure Birdalone With Feats of Arms and Games of Prowess

Chapter IX. Birdalone Cometh Before the Champions In Her New Array

Chapter X. The Champions Go Their Ways in the Sending Boat

The Fourth Part: Of the Days of Abiding

Chapter I. Of Birdalone's Grief; and of Leonard the Chaplain

Chapter II. Birdalone Learneth Lore of the Priest. Ten Days of Waiting Wear

Chapter III. Now Would Birdalone Ride Abroad

Chapter IV. Of Birdalone's Faring Abroad

Chapter V. Sir Aymeris Showeth Birdalone the Mountains Afar Off

Chapter VI. Birdalone Heareth Tell Tales of the Black Valley of the Greywethers

Chapter VII. Birdalone Beguileth the Priest to Help Her to Outgoing

Chapter VIII. Birdalone Fares On Her Adventure

Chapter IX. Birdalone Comes to the Black Valley

Chapter X. How Birdalone Fell In With a Man in the Black Valley of the Greywethers

Chapter XI. Birdalone is Led Up the Black Valley

Chapter XII. How Those Twain Get Them From out of the Black Valley of the Greywethers

Chapter XIII. Now They Rest For the Night in the Strait Pass

Chapter XIV. The Black Knight Tells the Truth of Himself

Chapter XV. The Black Knight Brings Birdalone to the Bower in the Dale

Chapter XVI. Yet a Day and a Night They Tarry in the Dale

The Fifth Part: The Tale of the Quest's Ending

Chapter I. Of Sir Leonard's Trouble and the Coming of the Quest

Chapter II. Now Ask They of Birdalone, and Sir Leonard Speaks

Chapter III. How They Follow the Slot of Birdalone and the Black Knight

Chapter IV. Of The Slaying of Friend and Foe

Chapter V. They Come Home to the Castle of the Quest

Chapter VI. Of The Talk Betwixt Birdalone and Viridis

Chapter VII. Birdalone Telleth The tale of Her Wandering Up the Valley of the Greywethers

Chapter VIII. Atra and Birdalone Talk Together While the Lords Sit at the Murder-Council

Chapter IX. Hugh Tells The Story of the Quest's Ending.

Chapter X. How It Fared With the Three Ladies After the Escape of Birdalone

Chapter XI. Birdalone and the Black Squire Talk Together in the Hall of the Castle.

Chapter XII. The Knights and Their Fellows Betake Them to the Assaulting of the Red Hold

Chapter XIII. Birdalone Bethinks Her to Fulfil the Promise Made Unto Atra

Chapter XIV. Birdalone Leaves the Castle of the Quest

The Sixth Part: The Days of Absence

Chapter I. Birdalone Rides to Greenford and There Takes Leave of Arnold and His Men

Chapter II. Of Birdalone and Her Fellowship, Their Faring Over the Downland

Chapter III. They Come to the City of the Five Crafts, and Birdalone Meets With the Poor-Wife

Chapter IV. Of The Love of Gerard's Sons and of Jacobus for Birdalone

Chapter V. Of The Death of Audrey, Mother To Birdalone. She is Warned in a Dream to Seek the Black Squire, and is Minded to Depart the City of the Five Crafts, and Seek Again the Castle of the Quest

Chapter VI. Of The Sundering of Birdalone From Gerard and his Sons

Chapter VII. Birdalone Cometh to Greenford, and Hears of the Wasting of the Castle of the Quest

Chapter VIII. Birdalone Cometh to the Castle of the Quest, Heareth the Tale Thereof From Leonard, and Departeth Thence by the Sending Boat

Chapter IX. Birdalone Findeth the Isle of Nothing Greatly Bettered, and is Kindly Entreated There

Chapter X. Of Birdalone's Flitting From the Isle of Nothing

Chapter XI. Coming to the Isle of Kings Birdalone Findeth There A Score and Two of Fair Damsels Who Would Fain Have Her Company

Chapter XII. Birdalone Cometh Again to the Isle of Queens, and Findeth a Perilous Adventure Therein

Chapter XIII. Coming to the Isle of the Young and the Old, Birdalone Findeth It Peopled With Children

Chapter XIV. The Sending Boat Disappeareth From the Isle of Increase Unsought, and Birdalone Seeketh to Escape Thence By Swimming

Chapter XV. Birdalone Lacketh Little of Drowning, but Cometh Latterly to the Green Eyot

Chapter XVI. Birdalone Findeth Her Witch-Mistress Dead

Chapter XVII. Birdalone Layeth to Earth the Body of the Witch, and Findeth the Sending Boat Broken Up

Chapter XVIII. The Wood-Mother Cometh to Birdalone and Heareth Her Story

Chapter XIX. Habundia Hideth Birdalone's Nakedness With Faery Raiment

Chapter XX. Birdalone Telleth Habundia of Her Love For Arthur, and Getteth From Her Promise of Help Therein

Chapter XXI. How The Wood-Wife Entered the Cot, and a Wonder that Befell Thereon

Chapter XXII. Birdalone Wendeth the Wildwood in Fellowship With Habundia

Chapter XXIII. The Wood-Wife Bringeth Birdalone to the Sight of Arthur in the Wildwood

Chapter XXIV. The Wood-Mother Changeth Her Form to That of a Woman Stricken in Years

Chapter XXV. The Wood-Wife Healeth and Tendeth the Black Squire

Chapter XXVI. The Black Squire Telleth the Wood-Wife of His Doings Since Birdalone Went From the Castle of the Quest

Chapter XXVII. Sir Arthur Cometh to the House Under the Wood

Chapter XXVIII. Fair Days in the House of Love

Chapter XXIX. Those Twain Will Seek the Wisdom of the Wood-Wife

Chapter XXX. They Have Speech With Habundia Concerning the Green Knight and his Fellows

Chapter XXXI. Habundia Cometh with Tidings of Those Dear Friends

Chapter XXXII. Of The Fight in the Forest and the Rescue of Those Friends From the Men of the Red Company

Chapter XXXIII. Viridis Telleth the Tale of Their Seeking

The Seventh Part: The Days of Returning

Chapter I. Sir Hugh Asketh Birdalone Where She Would Have the Abode of Their Fellowship to Be

Chapter II. Birdalone Taketh Counsel With Her Wood-Mother Concerning the Matter of Sir Hugh

Chapter III. Of The Journeying Through the Forest of Evilshaw Unto the Town of Utterhay

Chapter IV. Of the Abiding in Utterhay in Love and Contentment

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