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How Galahad and Percivale found in a castle many tombs
of maidens that had bled to death.

NOW saith the story that all night Galahad and Percivale
were in a chapel in their prayers, for to save Sir Bors.  So
on the morrow they dressed them in their harness toward
the castle, to wit what was fallen of them therein.  And
when they came there they found neither man nor woman
that he ne was dead by the vengeance of Our Lord.
With that they heard a voice that said:  This vengeance
is for blood-shedding of maidens.  Also they found at the
end of the chapel a churchyard, and therein might they
see a three score fair tombs, and that place was so fair and
so delectable that it seemed them there had been none
tempest, for there lay the bodies of all the good maidens
which were martyred for the sick lady's sake.  Also they
found the names of everych, and of what blood they were
come, and all were of kings' blood, and twelve of them
were kings' daughters.  Then they departed and went
into a forest.  Now, said Percivale unto Galahad, we
must depart, so pray we Our Lord that we may meet
together in short time: then they did off their helms and
kissed together, and wept at their departing.