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How there came a voice which charged Sir Bors to touch
him not, and of a cloud that came between them.

AND then he heard a voice that said:  Flee Bors, and
touch him not, or else thou shalt slay him.  Right so
alighted a cloud betwixt them in likeness of a fire and
a marvellous flame, that both their two shields brent.
Then were they sore afraid, that they fell both to the
earth, and lay there a great while in a swoon.  And when
they came to themself, Bors saw that his brother had no
harm; then he held up both his hands, for he dread God
had taken vengeance upon him.  With that he heard a
voice say:  Bors, go hence, and bear thy brother no longer
fellowship, but take thy way anon right to the sea, for Sir
Percivale abideth thee there.  Then he said to his brother:
Fair sweet brother, forgive me for God's love all that I
have trespassed unto you.  Then he answered:  God forgive
it thee and I do gladly.

So Sir Bors departed from him and rode the next way
to the sea.  And at the last by fortune he came to an
abbey which was nigh the sea.  That night Bors rested
him there; and in his sleep there came a voice to him
and bade him go to the sea.  Then he stert up and made
a sign of the cross in the midst of his forehead, and
took his harness, and made ready his horse, and mounted
upon him; and at a broken wall he rode out, and rode so
long till that he came to the sea.  And on the strand he
found a ship covered all with white samite, and he alighted,
and betook him to Jesu Christ.  And as soon as he entered
into the ship, the ship departed into the sea, and went so
fast that him seemed the ship went flying, but it was soon
dark so that he might know no man, and so he slept till
it was day.  Then he awaked, and saw in midst of the
ship a knight lie all armed save his helm.  Then knew he
that it was Sir Percivale of Wales, and then he made of
him right great joy; but Sir Percivale was abashed of him,
and he asked him what he was.  Ah, fair sir, said Bors,
know ye me not?  Certes, said he, I marvel how ye came
hither, but if Our Lord brought ye hither Himself.  Then
Sir Bors smiled and did off his helm.  Then Percivale
knew him, and either made great joy of other, that it was
marvel to hear.  Then Bors told him how he came into
the ship, and by whose admonishment; and either told
other of their temptations, as ye have heard to-forehand.
So went they downward in the sea, one while backward,
another while forward, and everych comforted other, and
oft were in their prayers.  Then said Sir Percivale: We
lack nothing but Galahad, the good knight.