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How Merlin likened the Round Table to the world, and how
the knights that should achieve the Sangreal should be

ALSO Merlin made the Round Table in tokening of roundness
of the world, for by the Round Table is the world
signified by right, for all the world, Christian and heathen,
repair unto the Round Table; and when they are chosen
to be of the fellowship of the Round Table they think them
more blessed and more in worship than if they had gotten
half the world; and ye have seen that they have lost their
fathers and their mothers, and all their kin, and their wives
and their children, for to be of your fellowship.  It is well
seen by you; for since ye have departed from your mother
ye would never see her, ye found such fellowship at the
Round Table.  When Merlin had ordained the Round
Table he said, by them which should be fellows of the
Round Table the truth of the Sangreal should be well
known.  And men asked him how men might know them
that should best do and to enchieve the Sangreal?  Then
he said there should be three white bulls that should enchieve
it, and the two should be maidens, and the third should be
chaste.  And that one of the three should pass his father
as much as the lion passeth the leopard, both of strength
and hardiness.

They that heard Merlin say so said thus unto Merlin:
Sithen there shall be such a knight, thou shouldest ordain
by thy crafts a siege, that no man should sit in it but he
all only that shall pass all other knights.  Then Merlin
answered that he would do so.  And then he made the
Siege Perilous, in the which Galahad sat in at his meat on
Whitsunday last past.  Now, madam, said Sir Percivale,
so much have I heard of you that by my good will I will
never have ado with Sir Galahad but by way of kindness;
and for God's love, fair aunt, can ye teach me some way
where I may find him? for much would I love the fellowship
of him.  Fair nephew, said she, ye must ride unto a
castle the which is called Goothe, where he hath a cousin-
germain, and there may ye be lodged this night.  And as
he teacheth you, seweth after as fast as ye can; and if he
can tell you no tidings of him, ride straight unto the Castle
of Carbonek, where the maimed king is there lying, for
there shall ye hear true tidings of him.