Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK XII CHAPTER X

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How Sir Launcelot with Sir Percivale and Sir Ector came
to the court, and of the great joy of him.

THEN they departed, and within five days' journey they
came to Camelot, that is called in English, Winchester.
And when Sir Launcelot was come among them, the king
and all the knights made great joy of him.  And there
Sir Percivale de Galis and Sir Ector de Maris began and
told the whole adventures: that Sir Launcelot had been
out of his mind the time of his absence, and how he called
himself Le Chevaler Mal Fet, the knight that had trespassed;
and in three days Sir Launcelot smote down five
hundred knights.  And ever as Sir Ector and Sir Percivale
told these tales of Sir Launcelot, Queen Guenever wept as
she should have died.  Then the queen made great cheer.
O Jesu, said King Arthur, I marvel for what cause ye, Sir
Launcelot, went out of your mind.  I and many others
deem it was for the love of fair Elaine, the daughter of
King Pelles, by whom ye are noised that ye have gotten a
child, and his name is Galahad, and men say he shall do
marvels.  My lord, said Sir Launcelot, if I did any folly
I have that I sought.  And therewithal the king spake no
more.  But all Sir Launcelot's kin knew for whom he
went out of his mind.  And then there were great feasts
made and great joy; and many great lords and ladies,
when they heard that Sir Launcelot was come to the court
again, they made great joy.