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How each of them knew other, and of their great courtesy,
and how his brother Sir Ector came unto him, and of
their joy.

AND therewithal Sir Launcelot kneeled down upon his
knees, and threw away his shield and his sword from
him.  When Sir Percivale saw him do so he marvelled
what he meant.  And then thus he said:  Sir knight,
whatsomever thou be, I require thee upon the high
order of knighthood, tell me thy true name.  Then he
said:  So God me help, my name is Sir Launcelot du
Lake, King Ban's son of Benoy.  Alas, said Sir Percivale,
what have I done?  I was sent by the queen for to
seek you, and so I have sought you nigh this two
year, and yonder is Sir Ector de Maris, your brother
abideth me on the other side of the yonder water.  Now
for God's sake, said Sir Percivale, forgive me mine offences
that I have here done.  It is soon forgiven, said Sir

Then Sir Percivale sent for Sir Ector de Maris, 
and when Sir Launcelot had a sight of him, he ran
unto him and took him in his arms; and then Sir
Ector kneeled down, and either wept upon other, that
all had pity to behold them.  Then came Dame Elaine
and she there made them great cheer as might lie in
her power; and there she told Sir Ector and Sir
Percivale how and in what manner Sir Launcelot came
into that country, and how he was healed; and there
it was known how long Sir Launcelot was with Sir
Bliant and with Sir Selivant, and how he first met with
them, and how he departed from them because of a
boar; and how the hermit healed Sir Launcelot of his
great wound, and how that he came to Corbin.