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How by miracle they were both made whole by the coming
of the holy vessel of Sangreal.

THEN they made both great dole out of measure.  This
will not avail, said Sir Percivale.  And then he kneeled
down and made his prayer devoutly unto Almighty Jesu,
for he was one of the best knights of the world that at
that time was, in whom the very faith stood most in.
Right so there came by the holy vessel of the Sangreal
with all manner of sweetness and savour; but they could
not readily see who that bare that vessel, but Sir Percivale
had a glimmering of the vessel and of the maiden that
bare it, for he was a perfect clean maiden; and forthwithal
they both were as whole of hide and limb as ever they
were in their life-days: then they gave thankings to God
with great mildness.  O Jesu, said Sir Percivale, what
may this mean, that we be thus healed, and right now we
were at the point of dying?  I wot full well, said Sir Ector,
what it is; it is an holy vessel that is borne by a maiden,
and therein is part of the holy blood of our Lord Jesu
Christ, blessed mote he be.  But it may not be seen, said
Sir Ector, but if it be by a perfect man.  So God me
help, said Sir Percivale, I saw a damosel, as me thought,
all in white, with a vessel in both her hands, and forthwithal
I was whole.

So then they took their horses and their harness, and
amended their harness as well as they might that was
broken; and so they mounted upon their horses, and rode
talking together.  And there Sir Ector de Maris told Sir
Percivale how he had sought his brother, Sir Launcelot,
long, and never could hear witting of him: In many
strange adventures have I been in this quest.  And so
either told other of their adventures.