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How Sir Tristram and his fellowship came into the tournament
of Lonazep; and of divers jousts and matters.

BUT Sir Tristram was not so soon come into the place,
but Sir Gawaine and Sir Galihodin went to King Arthur,
and told him:  That same green knight in the green
harness with the white horse smote us two down, and six
of our fellows this same day.  Well, said Arthur.  And
then he called Sir Tristram and asked him what was his
name.  Sir, said Sir Tristram, ye shall hold me excused as
at this time, for ye shall not wit my name.  And there
Sir Tristram returned and rode his way.  I have marvel,
said Arthur, that yonder knight will not tell me his name,
but go thou, Griflet le Fise de Dieu, and pray him to
speak with me betwixt us.  Then Sir Griflet rode after
him and overtook him, and said him that King Arthur
prayed him for to speak with him secretly apart.  Upon
this covenant, said Sir Tristram, I will speak with him;
that I will turn again so that ye will ensure me not to
desire to hear my name.  I shall undertake, said Sir
Griflet, that he will not greatly desire it of you.  So they
rode together until they came to King Arthur.  Fair sir,
said King Arthur, what is the cause ye will not tell me
your name?  Sir, said Sir Tristram, without a cause I will
not hide my name.  Upon what party will ye hold? said
King Arthur.  Truly, my lord, said Sir Tristram, I wot
not yet on what party I will be on, until I come to the
field, and there as my heart giveth me, there will I hold;
but to-morrow ye shall see and prove on what party I
shall come.  And therewithal he returned and went to
his pavilions.

And upon the morn they armed them all in green, and
came into the field; and there young knights began to
joust, and did many worshipful deeds.  Then spake
Gareth unto Sir Tristram, and prayed him to give him
leave to break his spear, for him thought shame to bear
his spear whole again.  When Sir Tristram heard him say
so he laughed, and said:  I pray you do your best.  Then
Sir Gareth gat a spear and proffered to joust.  That saw
a knight that was nephew unto the King of the Hundred
Knights; his name was Selises, and a good man of arms.
So this knight Selises then dressed him unto Sir Gareth,
and they two met together so hard that either smote other
down, his horse and all, to the earth, so they were both
bruised and hurt; and there they lay till the King with the
Hundred Knights halp Selises up, and Sir Tristram and
Sir Palomides halp up Gareth again.  And so they rode
with Sir Gareth unto their pavilions, and then they pulled
off his helm.

And when La Beale Isoud saw Sir Gareth bruised in
the face she asked him what ailed him.  Madam, said Sir
Gareth, I had a great buffet, and as I suppose I gave
another, but none of my fellows, God thank them, would
not rescue me.  Forsooth, said Palomides, it longed not
to none of us as this day to joust, for there have not this
day jousted no proved knights, and needly ye would joust.
And when the other party saw ye proffered yourself to
joust they sent one to you, a passing good knight of his
age, for I know him well, his name is Selises; and
worshipfully ye met with him, and neither of you are
dishonoured, and therefore refresh yourself that ye may be
ready and whole to joust to-morrow.  As for that, said
Gareth, I shall not fail you an I may bestride mine horse.