Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK X CHAPTER XLV

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Of the fourth day, and of many great feats of arms.

HERE beginneth the fourth day.  Then came into the
field the King with the Hundred Knights, and all they of
Northgalis, and the Duke Chaleins of Clarance, and King
Marsil of Pomitain, and there came Safere, Palomides'
brother, and there he told him tidings of his mother.
And his name was called the Earl, and so he appealed
him afore King Arthur:  For he made war upon our
father and mother, and there I slew him in plain battle.
So they went into the field, and the damosel with them;
and there came to encounter again them Sir Bleoberis de
Ganis, and Sir Ector de Maris.  Sir Palomides encountered
with Sir Bleoberis, and either smote other down.  And in
the same wise did Sir Safere and Sir Ector, and the two
couples did battle on foot.  Then came in Sir Lamorak,
and he encountered with the King with the Hundred
Knights, and smote him quite over his horse's tail.  And
in the same wise he served the King of Northgalis, and
also he smote down King Marsil.  And so or ever he
stint he smote down with his spear and with his sword
thirty knights.  When Duke Chaleins saw Lamorak do
so great prowess he would not meddle with him for
shame; and then he charged all his knights in pain of
death that none of you touch him; for it were shame to
all good knights an that knight were shamed.

Then the two kings gathered them together, and all
they set upon Sir Lamorak; and he failed them not, but
rushed here and there, smiting on the right hand and on
the left, and raced off many helms, so that the haut
prince and Queen Guenever said they saw never knight
do such deeds of arms on horseback.  Alas, said Launcelot
to King Bagdemagus, I will arm me and help Sir
Lamorak.  And I will ride with you, said King Bagdemagus.
And when they two were horsed they came to
Sir Lamorak that stood among thirty knights; and well
was him that might reach him a buffet, and ever he smote
again mightily.  Then came there into the press Sir
Launcelot, and he threw down Sir Mador de la Porte.
And with the truncheon of that spear he threw down
many knights.  And King Bagdemagus smote on the left
hand and on the right hand marvellously well.  And then
the three kings fled aback.  Therewithal then Sir Galahalt
let blow to lodging, and all the heralds gave Sir Lamorak
the prize.  And all this while fought Palomides, Sir
Bleoberis, Sir Safere, Sir Ector on foot; never were there
four knights evener matched.  And then they were departed,
and had unto their lodging, and unarmed them,
and so they went to the great feast.

But when Sir Lamorak was come into the court Queen
Guenever took him in her arms and said:  Sir, well have
ye done this day.  Then came the haut prince, and he
made of him great joy, and so did Dinadan, for he wept
for joy; but the joy that Sir Launcelot made of Sir
Lamorak there might no man tell.  Then they went unto
rest, and on the morn the haut prince let blow unto the