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How Sir Archade appealed Sir Palomides of treason, and
how Sir Palomides slew him.

WHEN Palomides was unarmed he asked lodging for
himself and the damosel.  Anon the haut prince commanded
them to lodging.  And he was not so soon in his
lodging but there came a knight that hight Archade, he
was brother unto Goneries that Palomides slew afore in
the damosel's quarrel.  And this knight, Archade, called
Sir Palomides traitor, and appealed him for the death of
his brother.  By the leave of the haut prince, said Palomides,
I shall answer thee.  When Sir Galahalt understood
their quarrel he bade them go to dinner:  And as
soon as ye have dined look that either knight be ready in
the field.  So when they had dined they were armed both,
and took their horses, and the queen, and the prince, and
Sir Launcelot, were set to behold them; and so they let
run their horses, and there Sir Palomides bare Archade
on his spear over his horse's tail.  And then Palomides
alighted and drew his sword, but Sir Archade might not
arise; and there Sir Palomides raced off his helm, and
smote off his head.  Then the haut prince and Queen
Guenever went unto supper.  Then King Bagdemagus
sent away his son Meliagaunce because Sir Launcelot
should not meet with him, for he hated Sir Launcelot,
and that knew he not.