Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK X CHAPTER XL

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How Sir Galahalt did do cry a jousts in Surluse, and Queen
Guenever's knights should joust against all that would

BUT as the book saith, King Mark would never stint till
he had slain him by treason.  And by Alice he gat a child
that hight Bellengerus le Beuse.  And by good fortune he
came to the court of King Arthur, and proved a passing
good knight; and he revenged his father's death, for the
false King Mark slew both Sir Tristram and Alisander
falsely and feloniously.  And it happed so that Alisander
had never grace nor fortune to come to King Arthur's
court.  For an he had come to Sir Launcelot, all knights
said that knew him, he was one of the strongest knights
that was in Arthur's days, and great dole was made for
him.  So let we of him pass, and turn we to another tale.

So it befell that Sir Galahalt, the haut prince, was
lord of the country of Surluse, whereof came many good
knights.  And this noble prince was a passing good man
of arms, and ever he held a noble fellowship together.
And then he came to Arthur's court and told him his
intent, how this was his will, how he would let cry a
jousts in the country of Surluse, the which country was
within the lands of King Arthur, and there he asked leave
to let cry a jousts.  I will give you leave, said King Arthur;
but wit thou well, said King Arthur, I may not be there.
Sir, said Queen Guenever, please it you to give me leave
to be at that jousts.  With right good will, said Arthur;
for Sir Galahalt, the haut prince, shall have you in
governance.  Sir, said Galahalt, I will as ye will.  Sir,
then the queen, I will take with me [Sir Launcelot] and
such knights as please me best.  Do as ye list, said King
Arthur.  So anon she commanded Sir Launcelot to make
him ready with such knights as he thought best.

So in every good town and castle of this land was
made a cry, that in the country of Surluse Sir Galahalt
should make a joust that should last eight days, and how
the haut prince, with the help of Queen Guenever's
knights, should joust against all manner of men that
would come.  When this cry was known, kings and
princes, dukes and earls, barons and noble knights, made
them ready to be at that jousts.  And at the day of
jousting there came in Sir Dinadan disguised, and did
many great deeds of arms.