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How Queen Morgan le Fay had Alisander in her castle, and
how she healed his wounds.

THEN Queen Morgan le Fay searched his wounds, and
gave such an ointment unto him that he should have died.
And on the morn when she came to him he complained
him sore; and then she put other ointments upon him,
and then he was out of his pain.  Then came the damosel
of the castle, and said unto Morgan le Fay:  I pray you
help me that this knight might wed me, for he hath won
me with his hands.  Ye shall see, said Morgan le Fay,
what I shall say.  Then Morgan le Fay went unto Alisander,
and bade in anywise that he should refuse this lady,
an she desire to wed you, for she is not for you.  So the
damosel came and desired of him marriage.  Damosel, said
Orphelin, I thank you, but as yet I cast me not to marry
in this country.  Sir, she said, sithen ye will not marry
me, I pray you insomuch as ye have won me, that ye will
give me to a knight of this country that hath been my
friend, and loved me many years.  With all my heart,
said Alisander, I will assent thereto.  Then was the knight
sent for, his name was Gerine le Grose.  And anon he
made them handfast, and wedded them.

Then came Queen Morgan le Fay to Alisander, and
bade him arise, and put him in an horse litter, and gave
him such a drink that in three days and three nights he
waked never, but slept; and so she brought him to her
own castle that at that time was called La Beale Regard.
Then Morgan le Fay came to Alisander, and asked him
if he would fain be whole.  Who would be sick, said
Alisander, an he might be whole?  Well, said Morgan le
Fay, then shall ye promise me by your knighthood that
this day twelvemonth and a day ye shall not pass the
compass of this castle, and without doubt ye shall lightly be
whole.  I assent, said Sir Alisander.  And there he made her
a promise: then was he soon whole.  And when Alisander
was whole, then he repented him of his oath, for he might
not be revenged upon King Mark.  Right so there came
a damosel that was cousin to the Earl of Pase, and she was
cousin to Morgan le Fay.  And by right that castle of La
Beale Regard should have been hers by true inheritance.
So this damosel entered into this castle where lay
Alisander, and there she found him upon his bed, passing
heavy and all sad.