Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK X CHAPTER IX

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How King Mark, Sir Lamorak, and Sir Dinadan came to
a castle, and how King Mark was known there.

THEN they rode forth all together, King Mark, Sir
Lamorak, and Sir Dinadan, till that they came to a
bridge, and at the end thereof stood a fair tower.  Then
saw they a knight on horseback well armed, brandishing
a spear, crying and proffering himself to joust.  Now,
said Sir Dinadan unto King Mark, yonder are two
brethren, that one hight Alein, and the other hight
Trian, that will joust with any that passeth this passage.
Now proffer yourself, said Dinadan to King Mark, for
ever ye be laid to the earth.  Then King Mark was
ashamed, and therewith he feutred his spear, and hurtled
to Sir Trian, and either brake their spears all to pieces,
and passed through anon.  Then Sir Trian sent King
Mark another spear to joust more; but in no wise he
would not joust no more.  Then they came to the castle
all three knights, and prayed the lord of the castle of
harbour.  Ye are right welcome, said the knights of the
castle, for the love of the lord of this castle, the which
hight Sir Tor le Fise Aries.  And then they came into a
fair court well repaired, and they had passing good cheer,
till the lieutenant of this castle, that hight Berluse, espied
King Mark of Cornwall.  Then said Berluse:  Sir knight,
I know you better than you ween, for ye are King Mark
that slew my father afore mine own eyen; and me had
ye slain had I not escaped into a wood; but wit ye well,
for the love of my lord of this castle I will neither hurt
you nor harm you, nor none of your fellowship.  But
wit ye well, when ye are past this lodging I shall hurt
you an I may, for ye slew my father traitorly.  But first
for the love of my lord, Sir Tor, and for the love of Sir
Lamorak, the honourable knight that here is lodged, ye
shall have none ill lodging; for it is pity that ever ye
should be in the company of good knights; for ye are
the most villainous knight or king that is now known
alive, for ye are a destroyer of good knights, and all
that ye do is but treason.