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How Sir Lamorak met with Sir Meliagaunce, and fought
together for the beauty of Dame Guenever.

RIGHT so as they stood talking thus Sir Lamorak was ware how Sir
Launcelot came riding straight toward them; then Sir Lamorak
saluted him, and he him again.  And then Sir Lamorak asked Sir
Launcelot if there were anything that he might do for him in
these marches.  Nay, said Sir Launcelot, not at this time I thank
you.  Then either departed from other, and Sir Lamorak rode again
thereas he left the two knights, and then he found them hid in
the leaved wood.  Fie on you, said Sir Lamorak, false cowards,
pity and shame it is that any of you should take the high order
of knighthood.  So Sir Lamorak departed from them, and within a
while he met with Sir Meliagaunce.  And then Sir Lamorak asked
him why he loved Queen Guenever as he did:  For I was not far
from you when ye made your complaint by the chapel.  Did ye so?
said Sir Meliagaunce, then will I abide by it:  I love Queen
Guenever, what will ye with it?  I will prove and make good that
she is the fairest lady and most of beauty in the world.  As to
that, said Sir Lamorak, I say nay thereto, for Queen Morgawse of
Orkney, mother to Sir Gawaine, and his mother is the fairest
queen and lady that beareth the life.  That is not so, said Sir
Meliagaunce, and that will I prove with my hands upon thy body. 
Will ye so? said Sir Lamorak, and in a better quarrel keep I not
to fight.  Then they departed either from other in great wrath. 
And then they came riding together as it had been thunder, and
either smote other so sore that their horses fell backward to the
earth.  And then they avoided their horses, and dressed their
shields, and drew their swords.  And then they hurtled together
as wild boars, and thus they fought a great while.  For
Meliagaunce was a good man and of great might, but Sir Lamorak
was <373>hard big for him, and put him always aback, but either
had wounded other sore.

And as they stood thus fighting, by fortune came Sir Launcelot
and Sir Bleoberis riding.  And then Sir Launcelot rode betwixt
them, and asked them for what cause they fought so together:  And
ye are both knights of King Arthur!