Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK IX CHAPTER IX

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How Sir Launcelot made La Cote Male Taile lord of the
Castle of Pendragon, and after was made knight of the
Round Table.

AND in the meanwhile came Sir Kay, the Seneschal, and Sir
Brandiles, and anon they fellowshipped with them.  <367>And then
within ten days, then departed those knights of Arthur's court
from these fortresses.  And as Sir Launcelot came by the Castle
of Pendragon there he put Sir Brian de les Isles from his lands,
for cause he would never be withhold with King Arthur; and all
that Castle of Pendragon and all the lands thereof he gave to Sir
La Cote Male Taile.  And then Sir Launcelot sent for Nerovens
that he made once knight, and he made him to have all the rule of
that castle and of that country, under La Cote Male Taile; and so
they rode to Arthur's court all wholly together.  And at
Pentecost next following there was Sir Plenorius and Sir La Cote
Male Taile, called otherwise by right Sir Breunor le Noire, both
made Knights of the Table Round; and great lands King Arthur gave
them, and there Breunor le Noire wedded that damosel Maledisant. 
And after she was called Beauvivante, but ever after for the more
part he was called La Cote Male Taile; and he proved a passing
noble knight, and mighty; and many worshipful deeds he did after
in his life; and Sir Plenorius proved a noble knight and full of
prowess, and all the days of their life for the most part they
awaited upon Sir Launcelot; and Sir Plenorius' brethren were ever
knights of King Arthur.  And also, as the French book maketh
mention, Sir La Cote Male Taile avenged his father's death.