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Of the wedding of King Mark to La Beale Isoud, and of
Bragwaine her maid, and of Palamides.

AND anon they were richly wedded with great noblesse.  But ever,
as the French book saith, Sir Tristram and La Beale Isoud loved
ever together.  Then was there great jousts and great tourneying,
and many lords and ladies were at that feast, and Sir Tristram
was most praised of all other.  Thus dured the feast long, and
after the feast was done, within a little while after, by the
assent of two ladies that were with Queen Isoud, they ordained
for hate and envy for to destroy Dame Bragwaine, that was maiden
and lady unto La Beale Isoud; and she was sent into the forest
for to fetch herbs, and there she was met, and bound feet and
hand to a tree, and so she was bounden three days.  And by
fortune, Sir Palamides found Dame Bragwaine, and there he
delivered her from the death, and brought her to a nunnery there
beside, for to be recovered.  When Isoud the queen missed her
maiden, wit ye well she was right heavy as ever was any queen,
for of all earthly women she loved her best: the cause was for
she came with her out of her country.  And so upon a day Queen
Isoud walked into the forest to put away her thoughts, and there
she went herself unto a well and made great moan.  And suddenly
there came Palamides to her, and had heard all her complaint, and
said:  Madam Isoud, an ye will grant me my boon, I shall bring to
you Dame Bragwaine safe and sound.  And the queen was so glad of
his proffer that <327>suddenly unadvised she granted all his
asking.  Well, Madam, said Palamides, I trust to your promise,
and if ye will abide here half an hour I shall bring her to you. 
I shall abide you, said La Beale Isoud.  And Sir Palamides rode
forth his way to that nunnery, and lightly he came again with
Dame Bragwaine; but by her good will she would not have come
again, because for love of the queen she stood in adventure of
her life.  Notwithstanding, half against her will, she went with
Sir Palamides unto the queen.  And when the queen saw her she was
passing glad.  Now, Madam, said Palamides, remember upon your
promise, for I have fulfilled my promise.  Sir Palamides, said
the queen, I wot not what is your desire, but I will that ye wit,
howbeit I promised you largely, I thought none evil, nor I warn
you none evil will I do.  Madam, said Sir Palamides, as at this
time, ye shall not know my desire, but before my lord your
husband there shall ye know that I will have my desire that ye
have promised me.  And therewith the queen departed, and rode
home to the king, and Sir Palamides rode after her.  And when Sir
Palamides came before the king, he said:  Sir King, I require you
as ye be a righteous king, that ye will judge me the right.  Tell
me your cause, said the king, and ye shall have right.