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How Sir Tristram arrived into the Island for to furnish the
battle with Sir Marhaus.

SO to shorten this tale, when Sir Tristram was arrived within the
island he looked to the farther side, and there he saw at an
anchor six ships nigh to the land; and under the shadow of the
ships upon the land, there hoved the noble knight, Sir Marhaus of
Ireland.  Then Sir Tristram commanded his servant Gouvernail to
bring his horse to the land, and dress his harness at all manner
of rights.  And then when he had so done he mounted upon his
horse; and when he was in his saddle well apparelled, and his
shield dressed upon his shoulder, Tristram asked Gouvernail,
Where is this knight that I shall have ado withal?  Sir, said
Gouvernail, see ye him not?  I weened ye had seen him; yonder he
hoveth under the umbre of his ships on horseback, with his spear
in his hand and his shield upon his shoulder.  That is truth,
said the noble knight, Sir Tristram, now I see him well enough.

Then he commanded his servant Gouvernail to go to his vessel
again:  And commend me unto mine eme King Mark, and pray him, if
that I be slain in this battle, for to inter my body as him
seemed best; and as for me, let him wit that I will never yield
me for cowardice; and if I be slain and flee not, then they have
lost no truage for <288>me; and if so be that I flee or yield me
as recreant, bid mine eme never bury me in Christian burials. 
And upon thy life, said Sir Tristram to Gouvernail, come thou not
nigh this island till that thou see me overcome or slain, or else
that I win yonder knight.  So either departed from other sore