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How King Arthur pardoned them, and demanded of them
where Sir Gareth was.

THEN goodly they said all at once, God forgive you, and we do,
and pray you that ye will tell us where we may find Sir
Beaumains.  Fair lords, said Sir Ironside, I cannot tell you, for
it is full hard to find him; for such young knights as he is one,
when they be in their adventures be never abiding in no place. 
But to say the worship that the Red Knight of the Red Launds, and
Sir Persant and his brother said of Beaumains, it was marvel to
hear.  Well, my fair lords, said King Arthur, wit you well I
shall do you honour for the love of Sir Beaumains, and as soon as
ever I meet with him I shall make you all upon one <254>day
knights of the Table Round.  And as to thee, Sir Persant of Inde,
thou hast been ever called a full noble knight, and so have ever
been thy three brethren called.  But I marvel, said the king,
that I hear not of the Black Knight your brother, he was a full
noble knight.  Sir, said Pertolepe, the Green Knight, Sir
Beaumains slew him in a recounter with his spear, his name was
Sir Percard.  That was great pity, said the king, and so said
many knights.  For these four brethren were full well known in
the court of King Arthur for noble knights, for long time they
had holden war against the knights of the Round Table.  Then said
Pertolepe, the Green Knight, to the king:  At a passage of the
water of Mortaise there encountered Sir Beaumains with two
brethren that ever for the most part kept that passage, and they
were two deadly knights, and there he slew the eldest brother in
the water, and smote him upon the head such a buffet that he fell
down in the water, and there he was drowned, and his name was Sir
Gherard le Breusse; and after he slew the other brother upon the
land, his name was Sir Arnold le Breusse.