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Of the goodly communication between Sir Persant and
Beaumains, and how he told him that his name was Sir Gareth.

AND so on the morn the damosel and Sir Beaumains heard mass and
brake their fast, and so took their leave.  Fair damosel, said
Persant, whitherward are ye way-leading this knight?  Sir, she
said, this knight is going to the siege that besiegeth my sister
in the Castle Dangerous.  Ah, ah, said Persant, that is the
Knight of the Red Laund, the which is the most perilous knight
that I know now living, and a man that is without mercy, and men
say that he hath seven men's strength.  God save you, said he to
Beaumains, from that knight, for he doth great wrong to that
lady, and that is great pity, for she is one of the fairest
ladies of the world, and meseemeth that your damosel is her
sister: is not your name Linet? said he.  Yea, sir, said she, and
my lady my sister's name is Dame Lionesse.  Now shall I tell you,
said Sir Persant, this Red Knight of the Red Laund hath lain long
at the siege, well-nigh this two years, and many times he might
have had her an he had would, but he prolongeth the time to this
intent, for to have Sir Launcelot du Lake to do battle with him,
or Sir Tristram, or Sir Lamorak de Galis, or Sir Gawaine, and
this is his tarrying so long at the siege.

Now my lord Sir Persant of Inde, said the damosel Linet, I
require you that ye will make this gentleman knight or ever he
fight with the Red Knight.  I will with all my heart, said Sir
Persant, an it please him to take the order of knighthood of so
simple a man as I am.  Sir, said Beaumains, I thank you for your
good will, for I am better sped, for certainly the noble knight
Sir Launcelot made me knight.  Ah, said Sir Persant, of a more
renowned knight might ye not be made knight; for of all knights
he may be called chief of knighthood; and so <232>all the world
saith, that betwixt three knights is departed clearly knighthood,
that is Launcelot du Lake, Sir Tristram de Liones, and Sir
Lamorak de Galis: these bear now the renown.  There be many other
knights, as Sir Palamides the Saracen and Sir Safere his brother;
also Sir Bleoberis and Sir Blamore de Ganis his brother; also Sir
Bors de Ganis and Sir Ector de Maris and Sir Percivale de Galis;
these and many more be noble knights, but there be none that pass
the three above said; therefore God speed you well, said Sir
Persant, for an ye may match the Red Knight ye shall be called
the fourth of the world.

Sir, said Beaumains, I would fain be of good fame and of
knighthood.  And I let you wit I came of good men, for I dare say
my father was a noble man, and so that ye will keep it in close,
and this damosel, I will tell you of what kin I am.  We will not
discover you, said they both, till ye command us, by the faith we
owe unto God.  Truly then, said he, my name is Gareth of Orkney,
and King Lot was my father, and my mother is King Arthur's
sister, her name is Dame Morgawse, and Sir Gawaine is my brother,
and Sir Agravaine and Sir Gaheris, and I am the youngest of them
all.  And yet wot not King Arthur nor Sir Gawaine what I am.