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How Beaumains desired the battle, and how it was granted
to him, and how he desired to be made knight of Sir Launcelot.

WITH these words came before the king Beaumains, while the
damosel was there, and thus he said, Sir king, God thank you, I
have been this twelvemonth in your kitchen, and have had my full
sustenance, and now I will ask my two gifts that be behind.  Ask,
upon my peril, said the king.  Sir, this shall be my two gifts,
first that ye will grant me to have this adventure of the
damosel, for it belongeth unto me.  Thou shalt have it, said the
king, I grant it thee.  Then, sir, this is the other gift, that
ye shall bid Launcelot du Lake to make me knight, for of him I
will be made knight and else of none.  And when I am passed I
pray you let him ride after me, and make me knight when I require
him.  All this shall be done, said the king.  Fie on thee, said
the damosel, shall I have none but one that is your kitchen page? 
Then was she wroth and took her horse and departed.  And with
that there came one to Beaumains and told him his horse and
armour was come for him; and there was the dwarf come with all
thing that him needed, in the richest manner; thereat all the
court had much marvel from whence came all that gear.  So when he
was armed there was none but few so goodly a man as he was; and
right so as he came into the hall and took his leave of King
Arthur, and Sir Gawaine, and Sir Launcelot, and prayed that he
would hie after him, and so departed and rode after the damosel.