Le Morte d'Arthur BOOK I CHAPTER XV

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Yet of the same battle.

THEN Lucas saw King Agwisance, that late had slain Moris de la
Roche, and Lucas ran to him with a short spear that was great,
that he gave him such a fall, that the horse fell down to the
earth.  Also Lucas found there on foot, Bloias de La Flandres,
and Sir Gwinas, two hardy knights, and in that woodness that
Lucas was in, he slew two bachelors and horsed them again.  Then
waxed the battle passing hard on both parties, but Arthur was
glad that his knights were horsed again, and then they fought
together, that the noise and sound rang by the water and the
wood.  Wherefore King Ban and King Bors made them ready, and
dressed their shields and harness, and they were so courageous
that many knights shook and bevered for eagerness.  All this
while Lucas, and Gwinas, and Briant, and Bellias of Flanders,
held strong medley against six kings, that was King Lot, King
Nentres, King Brandegoris, King Idres, King Uriens, and King
Agwisance.  So with the help of Sir Kay and of Sir Griflet they
held these six kings hard, that unnethe they had any power to
defend them.  But when Sir Arthur saw the battle would not be
ended by no manner, he fared wood as a lion, and steered his
horse here and there, on the right hand, and on the left hand,
that he stinted not till he had slain twenty knights.  Also he
wounded King Lot sore on the shoulder, and made him to leave that
ground, for Sir Kay and Griflet did with King Arthur there great
deeds of arms.  Then Ulfius, and Brastias, and Sir Ector
<26>encountered against the Duke Eustace, and King Cradelment,
and King Clariance of Northumberland, and King Carados, and
against the King with the Hundred Knights.  So these knights
encountered with these kings, that they made them to avoid the
ground.  Then King Lot made great dole for his damages and his
fellows, and said unto the ten kings, But if ye will do as I
devise we shall be slain and destroyed; let me have the King with
the Hundred Knights, and King Agwisance, and King Idres, and the
Duke of Cambenet, and we five kings will have fifteen thousand
men of arms with us, and we will go apart while ye six kings hold
medley with twelve thousand; an we see that ye have foughten with
them long, then will we come on fiercely, and else shall we never
match them, said King Lot, but by this mean.  So they departed as
they here devised, and six kings made their party strong against
Arthur, and made great war long.

In the meanwhile brake the ambushment of King Ban and King Bors,
and Lionses and Phariance had the vanguard, and they two knights
met with King Idres and his fellowship, and there began a great
medley of breaking of spears, and smiting of swords, with slaying
of men and horses, and King Idres was near at discomforture.

That saw Agwisance the king, and put Lionses and Phariance in
point of death; for the Duke of Cambenet came on withal with a
great fellowship.  So these two knights were in great danger of
their lives that they were fain to return, but always they
rescued themselves and their fellowship marvellously When King
Bors saw those knights put aback, it grieved him sore; then he
came on so fast that his fellowship seemed as black as Inde. 
When King Lot had espied King Bors, he knew him well, then he
said, O Jesu, defend us from death and horrible maims! for I see
well we be in great peril of death; for I see yonder a king, one
of the most worshipfullest men and one of the best knights of the
world, is inclined unto his fellowship.  What is he? said the
King with the Hundred Knights.  It is, said King Lot, King Bors
of Gaul; I marvel how they came into this country without
<27>witting of us all.  It was by Merlin's advice, said the
knight.  As for him, said King Carados, I will encounter with
King Bors, an ye will rescue me when myster is.  Go on, said they
all, we will do all that we may.  Then King Carados and his host
rode on a soft pace, till that they came as nigh King Bors as
bow-draught; then either battle let their horse run as fast as
they might.  And Bleoberis, that was godson unto King Bors, he
bare his chief standard, that was a passing good knight.  Now
shall we see, said King Bors, how these northern Britons can bear
the arms: and King Bors encountered with a knight, and smote him
throughout with a spear that he fell dead unto the earth; and
after drew his sword and did marvellous deeds of arms, that all
parties had great wonder thereof; and his knights failed not, but
did their part, and King Carados was smitten to the earth.  With
that came the King with the Hundred Knights and rescued King
Carados mightily by force of arms, for he was a passing good
knight of a king, and but a young man.