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Of a dream of the King with the Hundred Knights.

So by Merlin's advice there were sent fore-riders to skim the
country, and they met with the fore-riders of the north, and made
them to tell which way the host came, and then they told it to
Arthur, and by King Ban and Bors' council they let burn and
destroy all the country afore them, there they should ride.

The King with the Hundred Knights met a wonder dream two nights
afore the battle, that there blew a great <22>wind, and blew down
their castles and their towns, and after that came a water and
bare it all away.  All that heard of the sweven said it was a
token of great battle.  Then by counsel of Merlin, when they wist
which way the eleven kings would ride and lodge that night, at
midnight they set upon them, as they were in their pavilions. 
But the scout-watch by their host cried, Lords! at arms! for here
be your enemies at your hand!