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The Lilac Fairy Book, by Andrew Lang, [1910], at



The Shifty Lad

The False Prince and the True

The Jogi's Punishment

The Heart of a Monkey

The Fairy Nurse

A Lost Paradise

How Brave Walter Hunted Wolves

The Ring of the Waterfalls

A French Puck

The Three Crowns

The Story of a Very Bad Boy

The Brown Bear of Norway

Little Lasse


The Enchanted Deer

A Fish Story

The Wonderful Tune

The Rich Brother and the Poor Brother

The One-Handed Girl

The Bones of Djulung

The Sea Ring's Gift

The Raspberry Worm

The Stones of Plouhinec

The Castle of Kerglas

The Battle of the Birds

The Lady of the Fountain

The Four Gifts

The Groac'h of the Isle of Lok

The Escape of the Mouse

The Believing. Husbands

The Hoodie-Crow

The Brownie of the Lake

The Winning of Olwen

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