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A high-caste man married the daughter of East-wind (Sâ'nAxet). After a time he heard of a very pretty high-caste girl, the daughter of North-wind (Xûn), so he left his first wife, came north, and married her. Then he took her back to the village where his first wife lived.

Now the people said to his first wife, "There is a very pretty woman here. Her clothes are, very valuable and sparkle all over. They make a noise like bells." East-wind's daughter was at once jealous and said, "I will soon be able to fix that pretty girl you boys are talking about." Quite a while afterward it began to grow cloudy and warm, and sure enough the daughter of North-wind lost all of her beautiful clothing. It was icicles and frost that were so pretty, and when she lost these she lost her beauty with them.

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