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Apu Ollantay, by Clements Markham, [1910], at


The great hall of the palace of Pachacuti. The INCA, as before, seated on the tiana. Enter to him RUMI-ÑAUI.

  Pachacuti. I ordered a search to be made,
But Ollantay was not to be found.
My rage I can scarcely control--
Hast thou found this infamous wretch?

p. 366

  Rumi-ñaui. His fear makes him hide from thy wrath.
  Pachacuti. Take a thousand men fully armed,
And at once commence the pursuit.
  Rumi-ñaui. Who can tell what direction to take?
Three days have gone by since his flight,
Perchance he 's concealed in some house,
And till now he is there, safely hid.

(Enter a chasqui or messenger with quipus.)

Behold, O King, a messenger
From Urubamba he has come.
  Chasqui. I was ordered to come to my King,
Swift as the wind, and behold me.
  Pachacuti. What news bringest thou?
  Chasqui. This quipu will tell thee, O King.
  Pachacuti. Examine it, O Rumi-ñaui.
  Rumi-ñaui. Behold the llanta, and the knots 1
Announce the number of his men.
  Pachacuti (to Chasqui). And thou, what hast thou seen?
  Chasqui. 'Tis said that all the Anti host
Received Ollantay with acclaim;
Many have seen, and they recount,
Ollantay wears the royal fringe.
  Rumi-ñaui. The quipu record says the same.
  Pachacuti. Scarcely can I restrain my rage!
Brave chief, commence thy march at once,
Before the traitor gathers strength.
If thy force is not enough,
Add fifty thousand men of mine.
Advance at once with lightning speed,
And halt not till the foe is reached.
  Rumi-ñaui. To-morrow sees me on the route,

p. 367

I go to call the troops at once
The rebels on the Colla road,
I drive them flying down the rocks.
Thine enemy I bring to thee,
Dead or alive, Ollantay falls.
Meanwhile, O Inca, mighty Lord,
Rest and rely upon thy thrall.




366:1 The llanta is the main rope of the quipu, about a yard long. The small cords of llama wool, of various colours, denoting different subjects, each with various kinds of knots, recording numbers.

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